The Big Question: Destiny Or The Division

They're both set in different universes of course. One is a science fiction first-person-shooter, the other is set in New York and is a third-person-shooter.

So The Division and Destiny are very different games, but they also have a lot in common. Which do you prefer?

It's an interesting question because, given the nature of these games, it's pretty difficult to commit to both. Particularly if you want to maintain multiple characters and keep them leveled. This shit is like a full-time job.

If you had to choose one or the other, which one would it be?


    I reached level cap in both, then just gave up. For me, it's not like WoW where reaching max level is where it got fun. The grind endgame bits made me stop.
    Being a WoW fan, I can see the appeal in both, but Destiny had the crucible, and I think the Division needs something similar.

      Unless they improved it crucible was far to laggy to properly appreciate, but I guess if it didn't suffer from that crippling problem it would of been great.

        Not sure if it changed - but that's why I gave up on Destiny at cap. I love PvP but playing on an laggy servers I couldn't be bothered with.

    I heard The Division has a queuing simulator. Innovation like that gets my vote.

    Division - PC master race can't play casual console only scrub games like Destiny.

    More seriously though the setting of Division was just more to my liking. I was never interested in Destiny and wouldn't play it if I could.

    Destiny for me has a far more immersive world and better game mechanics, just light on the content. The Division i've levelled up to 15 and haven't touched it in two weeks, just feels a little soulless but it is a good looking game.

      Destiny has maybe the least immersive gameworld I can remember in recent times.

      Unless the expansion changed EVERYTHING the gameworld then it’s still broken into two types of areas; the most boring HUB in the universe where a dozen people stand around and give out text based information on things to shoot, and the shooting areas which are just big spaces scatted with enemies standing around waiting for you to show up so they can try to kill you. Zero interactivity, no interesting characters, no interesting vehicles, no non-violent life of any particular note and nothing at all to suggest that anyone actually does anything there other than standing around waiting for things to shoot.

      If you asked me to name a game that felt soulless Destiny would be my very first pick.

      I’m not saying your wrong- because I haven’t played the Division- but if it’s world is more boring than Destiny’s that’s almost impressive.

    I only played the Division beta long enough to realise it was going to be the same limited-content timesuck that Destiny was but I feel like even if I hadn't urned out on playing Destiny for a solid year, I would have tired of the Division fairly quickly.

    So, Destiny. I might even go back to it when there's more content. But I'm giving The Division a miss.

    Can't choose, because played the hell out of Destiny and loved it, and The Division was something to replace Destiny with my friends (whom loved Destiny with me)

    hmm this poll is essentially "Mouse and Keyboard vs Controller" poll by proxy.

      Yep, exactly why I voted for The Division. If I could play Destiny on PC I think that's where I'd vote.

    Hard to say for me really. Probably The Divison, have played heaps with friends and am still quite enjoying it. I rather enjoyed Destiny too but being on consoles, none of my friends play it (and it's really not the best single-player game)
    If Destiny had been on PC it might've been a little different.

    There's no "My friends bailed on Destiny forever when Fallout 4 came out and none of them picked the Division so I'm screwed either way" voting option. This could be summarised with a Stardew Valley option.

    I'm currently playing the Division and played the hell out of Destiny. I think they're very similar. Both with different pros and cons. In terms of fun, I'd say that Destiny would tip the scales. The gameplay was just a lot more satisfying and enjoyable.

    Destiny for sure. I'd never play either again but the Division is simply 'running around the block' simulator while you farm bullet sponges. At least Destiny has raids, aliens, space ships, different planets and good PvP.

    I voted for Division, mainly because I'm better at third person cover based shooters over first person shooters. Some of the best online multiplayer I've played was from Gears of War, and I've always tried playing some online COD, Halo, Battlefield and Destiny, and it always results in me getting my ass handed to me.

    Probably Destiny. The incursion that Division added sounds like a wave-based defense thing, and the set item perks sound pretty dull. When it comes down to it, Destiny just has the more enjoyable gameplay of the two.

      Speaking of... I unfucked my PS4 yesterday (recent firmware update made it sad, had to do a backup/reset/restore, booooo). I then spent a while playing around in Just Cause 3 which I love. But I'll pop back in Destiny this weekend as I have the house to myself on Saturday.

      See you then?

        Sure! Send me a message and I'll hop on! I'm keen to get to the new stuff, but it wasn't really looking like I'd get to it before Saturday anyway, what with how quickly Dark Souls got its hooks into me. :3 Looking forward to it!

    Division for me as its the only one on PC.

      This pretty much made my decision. I enjoyed my time with destiny, but if it was on PC I might still be playing it. I actually haven't touched the division for a few weeks, as I'm over grinding in games. I have so many games to play, it feels like I'm just wasting time.

    I haven't played the Division yet but the setting is much more up my alley because I love anything with a post-apocalypse setting. They need more content though before I will take the plunge.

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    Not a fair vote, if the division launched back when Destiny did, and this vote was called back a month and a half or so after the games launched, I think a potato would of put up a challenge to Destiny. But with over a year under it's belt, 3 major DLC launches and a shit tonne of patches and adjustments, Destiny is at a massive advantage over the very young Division that is still working its way through its infancy issues and no major paid DLC's released.

    I voted Division because its a much better game compared to where Destiny was at the same time after launch

      But... you just contradicted yourself, you can't compare the Division now with Destiny when it was 6 weeks old, because the Division was released 18 months later and probably designed and built with better techniques, technology and full knowledge of what works and what doesn't in Destiny. Let's not forget Destiny was a bit of a pioneer in the FPS-MMO type genre of which a Division is now a part of.

        I do agree that they most likely learned from some of Destiny's mistakes for sure, but it's not the same dev team, so they still have their own issues to work through and their own mistakes to make. I also actually personally prefer the Division as it is today to what destiny is today.

    Division without a doubt. Loved destiny, but division has a lot more depth in my opinion. Plus with the update schedule they have, things should be pretty fresh for a while to come

    My issue is that the year and a half grind I put into Destiny has killed any desire to grind out another game. Right now The Division is suffering from an imbalance between the combination of stats you can roll versus the drop rate. Getting a good roll is like winning the lottery.

    But the real question is Xbox or Playstation... That's essentially what they are asking...

      Really? Which games represents which console? (I played both on the x1)

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    The correct answer is No Mans Sky!

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