The Big Question: Marvel vs DC

Okay, this is a big one — Marvel vs DC. But let's be clear: we all know Marvel is doing a better job of making movies. Let's make this a more even playing field. When we're talking Marvel vs DC, we're talking in general, as broad as can be. Which do you prefer?

Me? I don't really have a horse in this race.

I'll leave it to y'all to fight it out in the comments.



      They've really stepped up in the last few years. Doing great work

    That header image is sure going to sway some people a certain way :D

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    I do enjoy the Netflix Daredevil series. But I do enjoy the animated DC movies.

    That image does nothing for me since I despise Zack and the way he directs films. I'm DC, but I do enjoy some Marvel from time to time.

    I have to Make Mine Marvel. I love individual DC runs, and Vertigo was an amazing imprint, but I find Marvel easier to get into and keep up with on the whole

    Marvels universe shits all over DC's universe

      Maybe as live action movies, but as a comic books or animated movies DC is just magnitudes better.

        Ill agree all the way up to New 52

        The only new titles I read now are Graysosn and Midnighter....


    Manga companies, even Shonen Jump's constant rehashing of Dragon Ball, products are superior to any western comic!

    Me? I don’t really have a horse in this race.

    Posts pic of BvS... :P

      Probably posted because WB is paying Gawker to spread that awful film as far around as they can.

        Giz/Kotaku AU are Allure Media, not Gawker; though, they are only under license, so there's probably some corporate interference at some level.

        Or maybe because it's a timely reference?

          If you're doing a Marvel vs DC thing, probably woulda been best to do a pic with both in them, just saying :)

            Eh, it's not like it matters much anyway, it's just dumb people jumping straight to "IT'S PAID ADVERTISING"

              Bit of a different issue really, I'm not even touching on that lol. I found one of the comments funny, but its not like I *actually* believe it lol

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              It's dumber people who can't pick when people are being facetious. sorry.

    hmmm toughy.... my 2 fav charters are DC but the marvel universe is better.

    my favourite superhero is probably Batman, but in general I would prefer Marvel, X-men was my goto comic when I was young, along with Thor. Batman is awesome but Superman is shite!

    I think I enjoy DC's one-offs and characters fractionally better than Marvel's, but I enjoy Marvel's daily stuff and events more.

    Batman is basically the only enjoyable superhero in DC. DC/Wildstorm bought the rights to Prototype but did nothing with it; Heller or Mercer could be a good antagonist for a Superman cut or even solo offerings.

      Ohh I didn't know that. I loved the Prototype games and they could totally make good movies/movie characters come to think about it.

    I'm constantly annoyed by DC's decision making but ultimately I prefer their characters and stories.

    It's hard to call for me, I enjoy both very much. I think Marvel barely. But that may be because of the Batman vs Superman movie being kinda lame.

    I've always loved DC characters the best. When I was a kid, I watched the Christopher Reeve Superman movie to death. I also really loved the Supergirl movie. The only superhero comics I've read extensively are Batman ones.

    In terms of the films, Marvel wins easily.

    In terms of everything else, I'm a DC man. That's why it makes me so sad to see the utter shite that Warner Bros. and Zach Snyder are smearing on cinema screens at the moment.

    I can''t stand 90% of the DC stuff I've read so I'm going to say Marvel all the way.

    Only real exposure is the movies, so Marvel for me.

    Mainline Comics: Marvel. I like the character work in the Marvel Universe more than I do in the DC Universe, and I get tired of the BIG WORLD CHANGING FOR REALZ THIS TIME REBOOT every other year with DC.
    Outside Mainline Comics: DC. Watchmen, Sandman, Preacher, Y The Last Man and so much more. Need I say more.
    Animation: DC. Batman TAS and Justice League are still some of the best Animated TV ever made.
    Live Action TV: Marvel. So far i'd watch Jessica Jones over pretty much anything Marvel or DC is making. Agents of Shield isn't great but for me its on the same level of junk food TV that Arrow and Flash is. Daredevils pretty good too.
    Games: DC (But only just). As much as I love the Arkham series, Knight was a letdown and we all pretend like Origins didn't happen. I play Marvel Heroes on a semi regular basis and enjoy it and Spider-Man 2 still holds a special place in my heart but Marvel has lacked that big blowout success in recent years and its disappointing.
    Movies: Marvel. I mean they made an Ant-Man movie and I enjoyed it... How does that even happen? Ant-Man. He shrinks. That's his thing. He's a pop culture nobody and I'd rather watch his movie again than go back and watch the movie where Batman and Superman meet and fight, or the movie where Superman feels sorry for himself, or that other movie where superman feels sorry for himself... Dark Knight was really good though.

    Overall winner : Us! Cause we get so much cool stuff.

    I admittedly find the DC cast quite lame. There's nothing cool about Super Man and let's just admit it, Batman doesn't even have real powers. These two just can't compete against the awesomeness of Wolverine, Spidey, and more recently, Deadpool.

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    X-Men was my comic growing up.
    I also liked Batman but really only for the villians so i'll vote for Marvel.

    Are none of you actually watching the Supergirl show? Shame on all of you.

      Got 3 eps in and pulled out, enjoyed the Flash crossover ep though.

    Batman beats pretty much every other super hero for me, he was the first super hero I really got in to thanks to the original 1989 Batman, and then Batman Returns. Therefore I am DC.


    Marvel for its heroes, games and tv series
    DC for its villains and animated shows

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      I feel Marvel has more great animated shows than DC. DC only had one really good one with Batman and a half decent one with Superman.
      Marvel had a few great ones with X-Men, a few Spiderman cartoons, and some half decent ones with Fantastic Four and some the more modern ones like Hulk v Wolverine.
      Yes Batman is awesome, but nobody else in DC has decent villains or anything else.

        I get your point. Marvel had a great era with its animations, though at the present a lot of its animated shows is still aimed at kids, and those of us that are older tend to enjoy a lot of the DC animations.

        Marvel's villains tend to be on the grey area a lot of the time, don't get me wrong, they're great characters, but I think I'm just trying to be black and white at this point. Most (if not all) of DC's villains are just that, and Marvel's tend to evolve.

        I will try to watch the more modern marvel animated shows to see if they catch me. hehehe.

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