The Big Question: What's Your Favourite Souls Game?

Dark Souls III is the game of the moment, so let's ask a Souls related question.

What's your favourite From Software game?

Just because, I've decided to only add games from Demon's Souls onwards. Yes, I am aware that From Software made games before Demon's Souls, but let's be real here. The Souls series established From's reputation and I want to keep this simple! I'm also adding Bloodborne just because.

I never claimed this was scientific.

Me? It's a toss-up between the original Dark Souls and Bloodborne. I''d probably put Dark Souls 3 slightly behind those two.

How about you?


    My favourite (and the only other From Software game I've played besides Bloodborne) is Lost Kingdoms, a somewhat obscure card based RPG on the Gamecube. It was actually really well done for what it was.

    Gonna say Bloodborne because I probably put 200 hours into that game. Still new to DS3 so ask me in 2 months.

    The one that wasn't frustratingly brutal and unforgiving....

    Just checked and I've never played any FromSoftware games. Not even a little, not even at all.

      You should try Bust-A-Move 2 Arcade Edition, it's not a From Software title but it's pretty great.

        Pretty sure I have actually played that one. :P

          All is right in the world

    Bloodborne for me. Bounced off Dark Souls 1, and am enjoying Dark Souls 3, but the feel of Bloodborne just gets me. The cosmic horror "unknowable intelligence" thing just meshes really well with the whole tension of the game

      The cosmic horror "unknowable intelligence"

      Yes, the Lovecraftian roots are fantastic :)

        It also manages to blend Gothic Horror and Cosmic horror really well- the first half of the game is really gothic, werewolves, cathedrals, then it switches to lovecrafty stuff for the second half

          That moment you realise there's a bunch of unseen Cthulu hanging off the building... just perfect, or the little changes to enemies, like the flaming weapon buffs or the eyes on the lanterns. The more you learn the crazier, more dangerous the world is.

    Oh man, should've thrown in a vote for Steel Battalion: Heavy Armour instead :P

    Dark Souls, first one I played so it had me enthralled for the whole playthrough (and subsequent ones).

    The multiplayer was AWESOME, never played anything like it! People coming into your almost single player experience to kill you? Woah, WOAAAAH.

    Discovering how hollowing worked, that if I killed a boss in a zone that I would be safe from those invaders. Figuring out scaling, FINDING A BARDICHE (I've mentioned this before).

    Seriously, halberds, parrying and rolling with I-frames made me love this game. So much so that any other 3rd person game with swords really felt lackluster and shrivelled in comparison. I just couldn't understand why those "other" games wouldn't let me own them. Let me fight properly dammit, let me roll and parry.

    Could continue but should you know, work...

    Too early for me to judge DS3 but I would vote Dark Souls as my favourite. This would be very closely followed by Bloodborne. I really hope they do a sequel to Bloodborne and expand on the few areas it was underdeveloped (covenants, pvp, weapons, more varied zones).

    Dark Souls 1 is good but it's no Dark Cloud. So my vote goes to BMX XXX.

      I love you

        You just admitted to loving a 14 year old boy on the internet.

          Stop, my boner can't possibly get any bigger

    Hard choice between Bloodborne and Dark Souls but in the end it has to be Bloodborne. Also, I feel like it's way too early to put a vote in for Dark Souls 3. Give it a chance for people to properly play it (like 6 months =P)

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    Nice double post there!

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    Demon's Souls for me, probably because it was the first one I played so all the ones since then have kind of been refinements or variations on that and thus lacked the same impact. I got the US import (it didn't get a release over here until about a year later), so nobody else I knew was playing it which meant that I was probably getting the online experience the way it was intended to be i.e. I was guaranteed that anybody I ran into was a random, I didn't have any friends playing it so couldn't even TRY to get into a game with them, as difficult as that was.

    Demon's Souls for sure. I couldn't tell you why though. I just really love it.

    Dark Souls for me.

    It's the reason why I was slightly disappointed with Dark Souls 2. Bloodborne was good, but I had problems with it. While Dark Souls 3 is amazing, it's still not Dark Souls 1 good.
    Demon Souls is great, but they were still trying to find their footing.

    I haven't played Demon's Souls (yet), so out of the remainder all I can say is it's definitely not Dark Souls 2 (even though it has one of my favourite moments in a Souls game). Of the remainder after that, it is way too hard to pick a favourite.
    Dark Souls had the best world.
    Bloodborne (especially after the DLC) has the best combat and atmosphere.
    Dark Souls 3 is a beautiful amalgamation of DS & BB.

    Way too early to chuck 3 into the mix, the dlc isn't out yet either and judging from Bloodborne's Old Hunters it could really affect how people feel (I loved old hunters). I'm actually gonna say 3 because I can see myself putting the most time into it. Ds1 Bb and Ds3 all feel so close in quality, I feel like the dlc for 3 will flesh out NPCS and that's what I feel like is missing from 3 even though there is quite a few and certainly more than Bb. Ds1 has impeccable world design but the actual area variety and design in 3 feels a lot stronger than the other games. I wish 3 had more ambient music like in 1 even though it was only 3 tracks that stood out as ambient pieces.

    Most definitely Dark Souls 3, I'm loving it so far! If I had to pick one of the originals it would have to be Dark Souls 2. Something about everything revolving around the king and his decisions regarding giants from a far away land just set home for me.

    Demon's Souls. Not just because it was the first one I played, but because it's the best.

    I really enjoyed Mario kart DS, but the series has gone down hill since.

    Bloodborne, it was fast and consistent with its difficulty, great game.

    Defintely DSouls 1, i wouldn't have gotten into the series otherwise, which i got for under $1 due to a pricing error lol

    Very close second would be Demon's Souls, DS2 i consider the black sheep of the family. I am playing through DS3 and won't be playing Bloodbourne any time soon as i'd need a PS4 for that =P

      I really disliked ds2, had some cool environments, that was about it though. The enemies all looked the same (including most of the bosses), the combat felt shit, and the main game just dragged on.

      I tried so hard to like it, i even did all the DLC's lol i actually liked the dlc's a bit better than the main game (minus that frigid outskirts bit in the blizzard *shudders*)

        I totally agree bro. I was actually playing through DS3 today only being a few hours in and it brought back many good (and not so good) memories of playing DS1 and frankly i can't remember DS2 at all... there just wasn't anything memorable for me.

        I gave a solid stab at each of the DLC's for DS2 and just dropped them, i'd had enough. Also i found it was incredibly easy to get lost in DS2, compared to Dsouls and DS1 where brief hints from NPC's was normally all i needed to know somewhat of where i needed to go, DS2 seemed to have none of that =/

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          That's a big thing you said there that i forgot, nothing was memorable in ds2. At all...

          As you said, playing through ds3 you do get some memories of ds1 with certain area's you visit or enemies, on top of some of the deliberate things in the world that reference ds1 which is cool lol

          It got to the point playing ds2 felt like chore, which is never good. But i'm stubborn and wanted to play it all the way through, i remember finishing it and all the dlc then instantly uninstalling it haha

          So glad how much better ds3 is! Fantastic game

            Yeah me too =)

            Don't get me wrong, DS2 did do some things right... but yeah i totally agree on all of your points.

            DS3 is so so awesome!

            I'm also super keen for a souls-esque game that's coming out this year or next for PS4 called Ni-Oh, made by Team Ninja. That and Bloodbourne may get me to buy one just for those 2 games =P

              Yeah ds2 did a few little things right, and it was good when it did. 90% of the time i was just like, i hate this...but i am going to finish it lol

              Ds3 is a huge step up, i had faith it would be great after bloodborne and with Miyazaki back in charge.

              Checked out that Ni-Oh game haha Does look like bloodborne, and the witcher (the dude literally looks like Geralt haha)

                You mentioned the Witcher, i've had the 1st and 2nd one so i gave the original game a whirl and.... i hate the combat, so i stopped 3 hours in. I may give the 2nd one a go in the future as apparently it's more action rpg than click click click.

                I actually made my first DS1 character after Geralt, annoyingly i can't figure out how to give characters ponytail's for my Kenshin cosplay in DS3 =P

                  I highly recommend the witcher series. I even loved the first one, its combat was terrible but it has a great story, character and setting.

                  The 2nd is a huge step up though, and then the 3rd steps it up again :D

                  See if there is mods for adding pony tails? ;) sure someone will make one lol

    Was tough to choose between ds1 and bloodborne, i went bloodborne though. That's mainly due to it being a newer game thus the combat felt tighter (packs more of a punch, ds3 is the same now). Loved the setting as well

    Loving the hell out of ds3 at the moment though, haven't finished it yet so i can't tell you 100% if its better than ds1 or bloodborne for me :)

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