Here's The First Doctor Strange Trailer

The First Doctor Strange Trailer Introduces Magic to the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Tilda Swinton punching Benedict Cumberbatch's soul out of his body? Teach me, indeed.

The first clip of the upcoming Sorcerer Supreme shows the familiar beats from the origin story of Marvel's magical superhero, along with glimpses of the reality-warping power that he'll come into contact with. Feel a little like Inception by way of Ditko. Not a bad thing that.


    That was just... wow. They claimed it'd be a major mindfuck, that it wouldn't look like any Marvel movie before it... they definitely weren't wrong. I can't wait for this :O

    Queue complaints that the Ancient One has one has changed from an old, Tibetian man, to a young, white woman.

    It looks like a smoother change than how Fox made Jonny Storm black, and the horrible writing to force Sue in as his sister.

      already was complaints when it was announced that was happening.

      I actually don't mind them casting Tilda as the Ancient One. The whole old Asian master teaching white man martial arts so he can go save the world gets old. Really old. There's always going to be ridiculous complaints, just go make your stuff to the best of your ability and screw the complainers.

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        "The whole old Asian master teaching white man martial arts so he can go save the world gets old. Really old."

        Hey man, that's my franchise you're dissing!

        You don't wanna learn wushu? Don't wanna save the world and get the girl? Fine. Let the world die. See if I care.

        *Gets lifted away by invisible cables*

      Personally I had zero problem with the Johnny Storm/Sue Storm thing. I just had a problem with Victor Von Doom being a whiny millenial.

        Everything I hear about this Fantastic Four reboot screams for the love of anything don't see this movie.

          Dont. Its a pile of excrement. I just had no issue with Michael B Jordans casting. It really was a non issue in the end compared to everything else that went wrong.

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            Agreed I don't care about who they cast as long as they do a good job. But it sounds like the story was the problem here not the actors.

    What a racist film. They had to recast Morpheus as a white woman.

    Wow the visual effects alone have sold me on this. Looks great.

    Too early to tell on this one, I like my marvel films but not sure about this ...yet

    Looks sick!

    Had zero hype about this, but now I'm definitely looking forward to it. Trailer success!

    Of the upcoming Marvel films this is the one I'm most interested in, and also most curious about, but I could have sworn they said it wouldn't be an origin story? That trailer looked like 90% origin story clips, interspersed with random weirdness to certify its mystic chops.

    I don't mind either way, I always thought Dr Strange is a character they can't really establish without an origin story, at least in terms of the greater MCU, but it still seems to contradict what they said earlier.

      Yeah I also heard this. Thought it wasn't an origin story. Personally I hope it is. It needs to be. Only thing I can think of is that the origin stuff is told in flashbacks.

        I hope it's an origin story too. Never read the comics but hear about them so I'd like to see it in film

    I am so psyched for this. Admittedly I haven't read any of the comics, but I did see the 2007 animated film and loved it. Cumberbatch is probably my favourite actor, so this has me even more excited. I also admit to being one of THOSE people who didn't agree with Swinton being cast in a role that traditionally should be a Tibetan male. But she's a great actress, so it shouldn't be an issue.

    Feige has also stated that the magic in the movie is a manipulation of quantum mechanics. While this probably won't be mentioned much in the film, it gives it a nice scientific explanation. Especially since Strange is very much a man of science that must reconcile sorcery with the physics of the multiverse. After all, being able to manipulate the universe on a quantum scale would be virtually indistinguishable from magic to an observer.

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    Looking good, I'm hoping for a Shuma Gorath or Dormammu appearance somewhere.

    ...because MvC and those are the only Doctor Strange villains I know

    Is it just me or does this trailer look suspiciously like 1 or 2 of the Inception trailers?

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