The Force Awakens On Game Consoles

The Force Awakens On Game Consoles

Like the Force, there is a light side and a dark side of purchasing a digital copy of Star Wars: The Force Awakens on your PlayStation 4 or Xbox One. The light side involves the iconic fanfare and a jovial BB-8 rolling across the screen.

And the dark side is the PlayStation 4. No fun at all.

Also like the Force, if you stop and think about purchasing a movie directly through your console instead of more universal digital entertainment services it doesn’t make a lick of sense.

At least the Xbox One tried.


  • Also like the Force, if you stop and think about purchasing a movie directly through your console instead of more universal digital entertainment services it doesn’t make a lick of sense.

    You mean like the Xbox? Windows store, windows phone, ios, android. Not universal enough?

    • Look, I get that you’re a huge Microsoft cheerleader but you should know that Xbox Video is not on iOS or Android, and no one cares about Windows Phone.

      • Cheerleader? haha. Not sure if you’ve been following my comments ripping the shit out of Microsoft lately. Also half the time I buy a bluray it comes with a free iTunes version, which there is no way of me playing on my TV without buying further apple products.

          • HDMI from the phone? That doesn’t sound annoying at all. I’ll stick with buying blurays in uncompressed HD / higher quality, and renting anything digital in lower quality.

          • ohhh Iphone to TV? then a HTPC running Air Server would do it. Not ideal either.

            I like fondling packages so BluRays are my preferred method. (I also still buy vinyl cause of this)

          • I hate being charged for bonuses though, avoiding buying the latest Evangelion because they’ve bumped up the price to include an art book, and always wait for second release of Disney movies so they drop the price and ditch the bonus DVD.

          • Ugh yeah. See instances of games no longer coming with manuals and charging you 20+ for a spec edition with an art book.

    • Yep. And these days, don’t most Disney Blu’s include a code to get you a digital copy off the Apple / Google store anyway?

  • Yeah I bought it through console because I can’t stand to see how much packaging blu ray/DVDs waste. Doesn’t make a lick of sense to me either.

    • Uncompressed HD vs compressed HD makes sense to me. Not a fan of buying a bluray with a bonus DVD copy “for the kids” and a digital copy though ala everything Disney.

  • That article made sense. Why is buying star wars on PS4 bad compared to any other platform? And what did xbox one try?

    • I think he’s pointing out that the Xbox Marketplace displayed a cute animated background when you navigated to the page where you could purchase the film, while the PS4 store only had a backdrop of stars.

      I don’t think it has anything to do with what happens after you purchase the film through either service: that’s likely to be identical.

  • I bought it on PS4. My first ever movie purchase through a console. Silly me – I didn’t realise that all you are buying is access to a 6gb stream. 😐 Will buy the BR on release and consider it a AUD24 lesson.

    • So when you go to watch it only stream you cant download it locally and fire it off whenever you want?!
      That. Is. Dumb…

      • I’ve heard this to, it’s ludicrous given how they’re able to control DRM on games even though you’ve downloaded it, I’ll just be buying the Blu-Ray on this one

        • At least there is some resale value there – I have been downloading a lot of AAA games more recently for the convenience like UFC 2, Alien Isolation, Far Cry Primal – And while its so nice and convenient to just switch between them without changing discs, i cant get it out of my mind that i have absolutely no trade in value from these!!!

          It’s a shame but its just worth taking your old games in when a new release comes out and its an off pay week 😉
          Not that i would trade UFC 2 but definitely would alien isolation and far cry primal once theyre finished!!!

          • Sell your old games you’ll get a better price than the trade in – trade in value on some 2014 games is abysmal

    • Can you save it offline on other devices? Say you have a movie in your iTunes I’m pretty sure you have to stream to your apple TV, but you can download it to your phone.

      • From what I can see no, only option is to keep re-stream and burn through another 6gb of precious data. Booourns.

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