The Kingpin Is Getting His Own Solo Comic Series

The Kingpin Is Getting His Own Solo Comic Series

When superheroes are too busy punching each other in the face to deal with their usual enemies, what’s a villain to do? In Wilson Fisk’s case, it’s going to be making as much money as he can while the heroes of the Marvel Universe are at each others throats, in a new Civil War II miniseries. Written by We Can Never Go Home‘s Matthew Rosenberg, and with art from Ricardo Lopez Ortiz, Civil War II: Kingpin will be a four part miniseries that explores what Fisk is up to while Marvel’s heroes split into teams and duke it out over whether it’s right to use a future-predicting Inhuman to fight crime.

The Kingpin Is Getting His Own Solo Comic SeriesVariant cover by Aaron Kuder.

It pretty neatly answers the question of just what the hell will be up with the actual villains of the Marvel universe during Civil War II, something the company was relatively quiet about during a recent press event — because according to Rosenberg, there’ll be a lot more than Kingpin starring in this new series:

A lot of this book is about what the mice get up to when the cats are at war with each other. So it is very villain-heavy, but of course some good guys are going to be sniffing around Fisk. There are certain characters in the Marvel universe who aren’t going to let people like Fisk runaround unchecked, even with everything else going on.

This isn’t actually the long-time Marvel villain’s first comic; that honour belongs to Kingpin: All the King’s Men, a seven-issue series which came out in 2003. But this will be the first Kingpin series since Vincent D’Onofrio played the role in Netflix’s Daredevil TV series. Like all comic characters after super-popular live-action portrayals of them occur, we’d expect the new Wilson Fisk to share a few new characteristics with his TV counterpart.

Civil War II: Kingpin is set to start in July.


Top: Variant cover art by Esad Ribic


  • Fisk had a nice issue in the original Civil War “Civil War: War Crimes” I believe.

    Sounds somewhat similar to this, should be good.

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