The Latest Civil War Trailer Features Spider-Man Doing Stuff

Watch Spider-Man Chase Down the Winter Soldier in New Captain America: Civil War Footage

Captain America: Civil War is out today. Here's the last trailer you'll probably care about!

Good news: it has Spider-Man doing stuff. Cool stuff.

I'm completely over superhero movies at this point, but even I understand this is a big deal. I think I might actually head to the cinema to watch this one.


    Spydere man spydere man
    Doth al things a spydere kan
    Sondry webbes he kan weaven
    Thieves lyke flyes he kan cacchen
    Lo anon comth spydere man

    Part of me thinks the movie will have too many characters just basing on each other

      I'm curious, what do you think of suicide squad?

      And yet, they can't really kill off anyone important... so, what's the point?

        oh boy. how wrong you will feel in a couple of weeks. haha

    Remember when superheroes fought bad guys instead of each other? That was a thing once, right?

      Well Civil war hard bad guys teaming up with good guys to fight both counter parts. So there's that

    Feel like the movie has been out for weeks but it was just reviewers that got to see it really early.

    Friday night is so close! Excitement much, but I am not watching this trailer. I think I would rather not even have seen the gif that accompanied the headline. Saving Spidey for the big show!

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