The Most Perverted Ramen In Japan

The Most Perverted Ramen In Japan

It’s not everyday that you see a noodle dish designed to look like a superhero with panties on his head. Today you will.

Note: This article contains content some readers might find objectionable.

To help promote the upcoming Hentai Kamen film, noodle restaurant 2-Chome Tsukemen Gachi in Tokyo’s Shinjuku is releasing Hentai Kamen ramen. According to IT Media, the dish is very limited and priced at 990 yen ($12) a bowl.

The superhero’s eyes are a split egg, while panties are made out of beaten egg whites. AppBank previously reported that the foam diffuses throughout the broth, and the result is tasty ramen.

The Most Perverted Ramen In Japan
(Image: Meshi Log)

[Image: Meshi Log]

Gachi previously released this perverted ramen back in 2013, when the first Hentai Kamen movie hit theatres.

As Meshi Log points out, under the frothy white, there are two cooked egg yolks covered in sesame and wrapped in an edible pouch. Hrm… I wonder whatever they could represent.

The Most Perverted Ramen In Japan
(image: Meshi Log)


[GIF via Hentai Kamen | AppBank]

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