The New X-Men Trailer Rips The Roof Off The Sydney Opera House

I never really liked that building anyway.

So the X-Men: Apocalypse trailer just came out. It's pretty cool. Apocalypse is the bad guy — obviously — and in the trailer he sorta just wrecks the shit out of everything, including Sydney. He raises the roof at the Sydney Opera House. And by that I don't mean he gave a spectacular one-man-show or something. I mean he literally rips the fucking roof off the building.

Pretty cool.

I'm keen for the one. The last two X-Men movies have been pretty spectacular in every sense of the word. This looks no different.


    Poor Sydney, always getting destroyed because its the only Australian city Americans know :P

      Which is fine. Means Melbourne gets left well alone. Keep blowing up Sydney though, we all know where the real action is.

        we all know where the real action is

        Yeah, in Sydney, which is why it keeps getting blown up!

          You wish. Adelaide is where it's at.

            I had to travel to Adelaide for work a lot a few years back. Good craft ciders and wine, good if you're into churches, but not much else. The complete lack of anything that could be remotely defined as 'traffic' was nice though.

            (Side note: I'm not really into tribalism though. Don't care what city you're from, what phone/console brand you use, what political party you vote for. But I do like shaking the hornet's nest sometimes!)

              People from Adelaide call 5 cars at a red light "traffic".

                At least in Adelaide one can actually see a line of cars five or less. Despite having number plates reading "Victoria - On the Move" Melbourne is basically a state where hopping on one leg from point A to point B is faster than taking the car or the freaking train!

                Seriously, where do they get their transport layout from? A plate of pasta?

                  Oh come on... You guys finally got electric trains.... In 2014...

                  (was born in Whyalla and relatives are all in Adelaide)

                  Last edited 26/04/16 7:29 pm

            I mean sure if old people is where it's at.

              Nah they're all gone. At least the one's I did know.

              Last edited 26/04/16 3:27 pm

            All the churches give it a +10 defense against attacks from other-worldly overlords.

            @zombiejesus, @mypetmonkey, @ynefel, @zak.

            Just a heads up before this becomes a food fight, I was being tongue in cheek. I only said Adelaide because that is where I was born.

            Truth be told, I finally visited the place again after about 15 years of absence and the honest truth; it might be a few more years before I'm back again.

            Last edited 26/04/16 4:11 pm

              All good dude, I'm having a giggle. Love the ol' capital city mud slinging matches. ;)

              It's all good, I knew you weren't being super-serious. I know some people IRL that get really defensive about the city they happen to live in so I'm kinda used to throwing in the disclaimer these days.

              Whyalla born.

              But last 20 years in Sydney. All relo's are in Adelaide though.

        They save Melbourne for end-of-the-world stuff, like On The Beach... because Melbourne's already a depressing place to be, so the mood suits characters waiting to die.

    The history behind the design of the opera house is depressing as hell, too.

      And that's being generous.

        Yeah. Criminally unjust probably gets a bit closer to the mark.

          More like Game of Thrones but with no sex, no violence and 500% more politics.

    Big city wide CGI destruction triggers the PTSD from xmen 3: the last stand.

      I'm glad I'm not the only one getting this vibe.

        The trailers for this have increasingly made me less interested, because they've all been showing off big set pieces with lots of CGI. Makes me worry about the substance of the movie. Oh well! Apparently it works! Fingers crossed it's good.

    Hnnnggghhhhh Can't wait! Looking forward to this :D

    Taj mahal, Sydney Harbour, Eiffel Tower, Hollywood sign and the Statue of Liberty... you have to destroy them all simultaneously to have you plans for World Conauest legitimised... i think its part of UN law?

      How about one after the other, but shown in a montage so it looks really close together?

    "YOU DESTROYED MY UTS, MOTHAFOCKERS!" - Wolverine, 2016.

    So i guess J-Law is front and centre?, and Wolverine !!

      She sure is. And is most likely the catalyst for why the harbour water level is higher than usual, :-P

    and Apocalypse still looks like Ivan Ooze and sounds like shit.

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