The Overwatch Beta Ends Next Week

The Overwatch Beta Ends Next Week

Overwatch's closed beta has been quite a ride. Between changes for the better, clever player strategies and butts, it's gotten everybody talking (or making entire games about how they're missing out) on multiple occasions. Next week, it's coming to a close. Blizzard just announced that Overwatch's long-running closed beta will conclude on April 25. The next step? The game's full release on May 24. It's worth noting that progress made in the closed beta will not transfer over to the main game. Sorry, folks with snazzy level badges and every character skin under the sun. Perhaps one day you will see your precious virtual treasures again in digital Valhalla.

In a video update, Blizzard added that changes in the near future will be focused on stability and polish. After launch, they hope to get back to adding new features like a spectator mode for competitive games.

All that said, Blizzard's holding a brief open "beta" (read: definitely a promotional thing) from May 5-9. So you'll be able to check out the game one more time before launch, if you're still on the fence.

Did you make it into the Overwatch closed beta? What did you think, both of the game and the way Blizzard handled the beta? I was impressed. In this age of larger companies shrinking their beta windows ever smaller, Blizzard tested Overwatch for months, keeping an active dialogue with fans on their forums all the while.

In many cases, they responded to negative feedback with quick, decisive patching, but they also, for the most part, stuck to their guns where it was warranted (for example, their stance on the whole Tracer thing). This bodes well for Overwatch's future as a live game, although Blizzard admitted that they won't be updating quite as quickly or radically as they did during beta; you can afford to take more chances with an unfinished game, after all.


    Of course all the Betas happen while I'm waiting for Telstra to connect my internet. Of COURSE they do. One day, Malcolm might get of his fat arse and provide a constant, A+ Internet service straight to my house like I was originally promised. WHERE'S MY INTERNET MALCOLM?! THERE'S BETAS TO BE PLAYED!!

    Don't mind me. I'm just looking for a place to bitch and be angry that I'm still on the "we haven't started work in your area yet" NBN plus a fortnight without Internet (beyond my phone's 4G and *shudder* data-cap) has made me cray-cray.

    I didn't get in but my friend did and was busy all weekend so was kind enough to loan me his account. I put about 9hrs in and loved every minute of it.

    Normally with online games, I don't really like to queue solo (lots of toxic experiences) but I had no qualms and only spent about an hour playing with friends. I think the game was well balanced, crisp and ran very well. I was ridiculously hyped for the game but even that hype didn't do it justice and I had a lot more fun than I was expecting.

    I have definitely found my new go-to game for sure. I don't even feel like playing anything else, just use my time to watch streams or YouTube videos of gameplay.

      It's very polished and was easy to pick up a few characters. Will have high ceiling of learning if you're into competitive too.

        I haven't previously been into competitive but I think I will with this game.

    Played the beta last weekend and had a blast. Only thing stopping me from preordering is the $70 price tag.

      This. Seriously, it's too much for what it is. And it feels like a gaming experience I have done before.

      I'm hoping for competitive play they have a pick & ban system - I might get it then.. after it drops to a reasonable price.

        Pick and Ban system doesn't really fit with overwatch though when there are mid game re-picks to counter specific characters.

        It's part of the strategy the game offers for competitive play. In casual people just pick who they like and teams will get dominated by characters they don't counter very well (Skill or bad player picks).

          That's why I said in competitive play - it's currently fine for pugs. Adds a little more forward thinking and strategy. I can see how it also would be less than desirable as well but I think it'd just mean we wouldn't see a Tracer on both teams and someone would have to either comfort pick or pick in to Tracer for example, etc. Makes the choice of champ a little more important, makes picking a good team that can synergize cooked in to the game somewhat.

            Yeah but unlike games like lol you can change heroes mid game which is part of the appeal.
            If say Pharah is dominating people and you need to shut her down someone can switch out of a close rank/tank/support role and pick up say a sniper and try take her down.

            Fixed picks and bans wouldn't make sense. That doesn't seem to me what overwatch is all about.

    Considering how much Dota and TF2 make on hats plus the amount of money blizz makes of other ingame cosmetic items, it seems strange this game is not free to play.

      The difference though is that in this game, all the cosmetics are unlockable, no cash needed and any new maps/characters are also included in the purchase price.

        Well there is a shop so they may be trying to hit the best of both worlds. With valves approach to dota they give the game for free and found that the revenue from the number of players who would of purchased the game vs the grand revenue from cosmetic items was greatly in favour of the free approach. Other success of the F2P model relies on the game being accessible to those who otherwise would not purchase.

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