The Rarest Animation In Super Mario Bros. 3 

The Rarest Animation In Super Mario Bros. 3

Here's a fun way to amuse yourself on this damp Tuesday morning: Supper Mario Broth, an old tumblr page that's full of cool Nintendo art, screenshots and trivia. For example: did you know that Super Mario Bros. 3 has an animation that you can only see if you get the Hammer Suit when you're in the process of sliding? (h/t Chris Kohler)

As Supper Mario Broth explains, you can't actually slide down a hill while you're wearing the Hammer Suit — ducking to slide will just make you go into your shell. But Nintendo made an animation for the Hammer Suit's slide, just in case you happen to get the power-up while you're already on a slope.

The Rarest Animation In Super Mario Bros. 3

Rad, don't you think? Another fun fact: one of the doors in Super Mario Galaxy was actually a sign.


    Absolutely wonderful.

    Got about twenty pages deep before coming up for air, why didn't anybody tell me about this tumblr site sooner.

      Because it's a wretched hive of otherkins, hive minds, safe spaces and porn

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