The Sad, Strange Fates Of Live-Action Video Game Actors From The 1990s 

The Sad, Strange Fates Of Live-Action Video Game Actors From The 1990s

Video: Back in the 1990s, folks thought that video games that relied heavily on filmed sequences were the future. That future never really came to pass, but the cheesiness of 1990s games like Night Trap and Harvester earned them places of affection in gamers' collective subconscious. However, some of the onscreen talent from those games wound up in really dark places.

A new video up on Pushing Up Roses runs down the post-games careers and biographies of the actors who played lead characters in full-motion video games. While the bleak downward spirals of more famous stars like Night Trap's Dana Plato may be more well-known, the twisting journeys of some of the performers from other big-name FMV titles are surprising and, in at least one case, a little gross. Hopefully, the actors in newer FMV titles like Her Story and Roundabout won't suffer similar fates.


    Plumbers don't wear ties is a fmv masterpiece

      Oh god why did even mention this. That AVGN video has come flooding back to me.

        You got a problem with the Nerd?

        [Holds up rope and a copy of Action 52]

        I hope not...... :-P

    couldn't watch the video. Her voice is like scraping a chalk board with barbwire

      Had to watch the video after reading this. You were right. Got 70secs in before I had to bail. As soon as she did the piece to camera. I think it's got more to do with her mic and audio settings than her though.

    So journalism is linking to someone else's work. Huh. News of news. Thanks.

    Harvester is probably the best game ever tbh.

      omg looking at that footage now I don't remember it being quite so batshit insane... I do remember the head being blown off for some reason. Actually for a fairly obvious reason now that I think about it.

      Either way I remember loving it and am now kind of curious to go back and play it again.

      Also lol @ Walken in ripper. Ah truly a golden age.

    Joe Kucan, who played as Kane from C&C is doing small broadway gigs, last time I checked.

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