The Stylish Way To Win A Hearthstone Match In One Turn

The Stylish Way To Win A Hearthstone Match In One Turn

Video: Here's Crypt with a quite classy Hearthstone one turn kill. He manages to defeat his opponent with pirates, an almost too perfect symmetry on board, parrots, a funny friend request at the end, pirates and more pirates.

And even though it's not a ranked game, pulling a combo like this looks pretty effective and fun.


    Cool! I've never seen anything like that before

    That's not one turn, that's many turns getting to that point?

      A one turn kill, or 'OTK', is a combination of cards that can kill a full-health opponent in one turn.

        As a lo g time MTG player, which this game is not; I understand pointzeroone's confusion. A one turn kill sounds like the opening turn to the game.

          That'd be a turn one kill though, not a one turn kill =) OTK is a term used in MTG as well, it's not unique to Hearthstone.

          Title of the article also says "The Stylish Way To Win A Hearthstone Match In One Turn" which also lead to me believe that the game had been won in 'one turn' and not setup to be won with an attack that kills in one turn.

      You're getting a 'One Turn Kill' mixed up with a 'Turn One Kill'.


    Some of those cards must be from the newest expansion as i don't recognise them... then again, i haven't played Hearthstone for a few months so there is that.

      Ship's Cannon is from Goblins vs Gnomes (first expansion set); Bloodsail Corsair, Southsea Deckhand and Perdition's Blade are expert cards (base game); Skycap'n Kragg is from The Grand Tournament (second expansion set). TGT was the latest card in there so it could have been played any time since August 2015.

    Good to know, thanks!

    The only pirates i unlocked were the Corsair and Deckhand =P

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