The Zelda CD-i Games, Remade In 3D

The Zelda CD-i Games, Remade In 3D

Video: The HD remakes no one ever asked for. Back in the '90s, not every Legend of Zelda game was made by Nintendo: The games for the Philips CD-i, for example, were developed by others and, well, they were a bit disappointing. The world should forget that Link: The Faces of Evil and Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon ever existed, but as C4DNerd's 3D reinterpretation shows, no matter what, these cutscenes will be with us forever.


    The abomination has arisen! Run for your lives!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Last edited 14/04/16 7:44 pm

    I'm still waiting for a HD update or remake of Night Trap, why won't anyone listen to me :(

      Ask and you shall receive.

      [Game arrives via the freemium model and features dr_neeson's real name on the title screen and packaging.]

        Could it also have my address for all the fan mail that I will get and maybe an oil painting of myself as one of the pre order bonuses.

          Usually, I'd have a witty remark, but your post is just too well played at turning the tables on me.

    No loose and warping proportions? 2/10

    O_o it's sooo incredibly terrible but good. I can't decide if I should get this

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