They Are The Worst Video Games Of All Time

They Are The Worst Video Games Of All Time

As spotted at PAX East in Boston. These guys said they just did the E.T. outfit at New York Comic-Con but decided to double the awfulness for this show.


  • There were worse games on the 2600 than E.T…

    Basic Math/Fun With Numbers.
    Fire Fly (you literally did nothing but move around, youtube it.)
    Porn Games (not even what it sounds like…)
    Skeet shoot (it’s just shockingly terrible… has zero gameplay)
    Texas Chainsaw Massacre – A game so bad, I wanna gut it with a chainsaw.

  • Worst game I’ve ever played was Fight Club.

    I know we’re not meant to talk about Fight Club, but that game was shit.

  • That Superman fame was the worst game I played on N64, followed (extremely) closely by Starfox.
    Those two games very actively encouraged me to move to PlayStation

    • Ok you can maybe get a pass because if you only have two 64 games and one of them is Superman, then the other one must be second-worst by definition.

      But still, ye be trollin.

      • Give me mariokart or goldeneye any day of the week. Those two games where some of the worst I’ve ever played on any system. Probably the worst one to top those would be A Boy and His Blob on the nes.

        • Nah. Regardless of whether you personally like it or not, Lylat Wars is objectively one of the best and most well-made games of all time.

          And MK64 is trashcore-tier Mario Kart 😛

  • I have that Superman game. I didn’t really like it much but that’s because I was never really into super heroes. Didn’t seem that bad though and Dad bought it for cheap.
    Problem with it was it needed a save pack iirc and I didn’t have one.

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