This Australian Publisher Is Running A Sale On Everything...

Surprise Attack used to be focused on promoting local Australian independent games. Somewhere along the way they started publishing their own games.

Regardless their name has been stamped on a number of super cool video games, and now those video games are on sale.

The sale is being hosted at Green Man Gaming and it's pretty awesome, particularly if you have any interest in Australian-made video games.

Games like...

Metrocide, which is 50% off at $6.49 Hacknet, which is 20% off at $7.99 Particulars, which is 75% off at $3.75 OTTTD, which is 50% off at $3.99 Screencheat, which is 40% off at $8.99 Crawl, which is 20% off at $7.99

That's just a wee selection, but there's plenty more to peruse. If you've been thinking about checking out any of these games now is as good a time as any. Crawl is a game I've been meaning to try for ages. Think I might finally bite the bullet here.


    Crawl is amazing, I've been following it since pre-Early Access, and really want it, but being 15, I have no money to buy online games. You should get it. Friendly Advice! :)

    does GMG feature AUD support?

      Last time i purchased something from there about 6 months ago it was USD.

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