This Is The Ocarina Of Time Of Your Childhood Memories

Late last year we were blown away by this remake of Ocarina of Time's Kakariko Village in Unreal Engine 4.

Turns out that was just the beginning. Now more areas from the game are being remade and I'm currently chin-deep in a nostalgia swamp, gasping for air.

Please send help.

Above is Gerudo Valley. The images combine with a slick cover of the iconic music. Damn. I'm there man, I'm right there. This is how Ocarina of Time exists in my imagination, shiny and chrome.

The Gerudo Valley video was posted yesterday, but there's more. CryZENx also posted a remake video of Zora's Domain a few weeks back.

You can download the maps here and here.

It's got me wondering what I'd really like to see from a new Zelda. To be honest, what I really want is just good animation and a world I can fall in love with. It might sound crazy, but these videos aren't too far off for me.


    This Is The Ocarina Of Time Of Your Childhood Memories

    Say what? I don't.... I want..... I want that to be my childhood memories! I don't remember it being that glorious! Damn me remembering dodgy polygons...

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      What's this bloom thingy? Why are there...are they circular shapes? That's not right!

      Damn me remembering dodgy polygons...

      So? Game play is more important than graphics. A lesson that has been mostly forgotten in gaming these days.

      Seriously, OoT could have used Atari 2600 graphics and still be bloody fantastic.

      But I will admit, I'm the only one on this site that still plays a 2600 from time to time (real, not emulated).

        He's just joking that the haze of nostalgia hasn't changed the fact that it had a low polygon count in the original.

        I've still got my NES hooked up to my TV. Funnily enough it looks better than my N64, those simple 2D pixels scale well, the N64's polygons do not, gives me motion sickness.

    Good animation and a world you can fall in love with is pretty much the script for every zelda game, and it has nothing to do with the poly count.

    WW has so many fantastic animation details.

    Playing through Ocarina on my 3DS at the moment. So many memories...

      Like the water temple?

        Not that bad once you've beat it once or twice.

        I actually stopped playing when I was a kid because of the water temple. Picked it up YEARS later and finished it. When I replayed on the 3DS I kind of laughed at myself because it was so much easier as an adult XD

          They did add colours and stuff to make it easier on 3DS.

          It's strange, though: I beat it on the N64 without any play guides or anything, and I remember it being a little disorienting, but by no means impossible. Just a challenging part of a wonderful game. Then years later I hear that people actually stopped playing as a result of it!

          EDIT: Yeah, what @wisehacker said

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            I seriously spent the better part of 6 hours trying to work out the next step, to the point that when i replayed on the 3DS I laughed because it was a simple case of not checking in a direction in the water tower. I didn't retrace my steps properly and hence screwed it up as a kid XD

        Also for @darren and @ashigaru.

        Am I missing something? What is it about the water temple that everyone gives it a bad wrap for?

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          Never a bad wrap, it was just the most disorienting dungeon of the lot I would say. Everyone I knew said it was hands down the hardest dungeon. I was only 12 when I bought my N64 and played Zelda, so my problem solving skills weren't the best :P

            OK that might makes sense now. I was 15/16 when I played it.

            I will admit I had a guide but I used it for the heart piece locations. Never read the dungeon or the boss sections.

            Given that (via the guide) I ground up and had around eight or nine hearts before going in and I was playing Myst games at the time most lightly made the dungeon easy for me, but the action oriented ones (shadow and light) basically owned me.

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              Someone asked why I'd move no below. I remembered why. I bought Pokemon Blue about 3 months after OoT... No wonder I was hooked XD

        I know I'm in the minority but I actually liked the Water Temple back in the day. Didn't find it frustrating but challenging instead.

          Water temple was awesome! Just when you sink a serious amount of time and can't get through it as a 12 year old, I kind of switched off for a while and then went onto other stuff. Actually I think I bought Pokemon Blue about 3 months after I got OoT... that explains a LOT :P

            I had no trouble with the dungeon but I was a lot older, probably late teens.

            Tempted in getting the 3DS remake but Twilight Princess HD is currently sitting on the shelf begging me to play it (never played the Wii/GC originals)!

              3DS port is awesome, I'd definitely recommend it mate ^_^

        haha yeah, it sucked first time but didn't mind it this time round. i remember when i played through it on N64 it felt like i would be doing it forever.

    Eh, I played Ocarina AFTER playing Majora's Mask. As a result, it wasn't for me the revelation that Ocarina was for most people. Still a good game, but all the time I was wishing it was more like MM.

      I played Ocarina AFTER playing Majora's Mask

      The most messed up thing I've read in a while.

        Heh, yeah, it was not a wise thing, but that's how dice rolled for me.

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