This Video Makes Me Wish Skateboarding Games Were Still Good

Skateboarding in an Empty Waterpark Looks Like the Most Fun Possible

I watched this video yesterday. It made me happy.

Then it made me sad.

It made me happy because it's awesome. And something I would totally do if I a) could skateboard, and b) had access to a massive waterpark and the ability to drain it of all water.

But it reminded me that once upon a time skateboarding games were amazing. Now they either don't exist or they're complete garbage.

Remember when Tony Hawk's Pro Skater was one of the best game series in the world?

Remember when it sorta got a bit boring, but that didn't matter because we had Skate. Skate (Skate 2 in particular) was legit one of the best games of its generation.

Bring it back people. Bring it all back.


    Someone's never played Simpsons Skateboarding.

    A good skateboarding game is something I would kickstart in a heart beat.

    I am on board for On a Roll (because I also love rollerblading)

      Basically Skate for PC, if it actually happens it would be a dream come true for so many of us. Really sad that EA ignore their community, PewDiePie got a whole new generation of kids playing Skate 3, to the point that EA had to print new discs for a five year old game but they still won't dedicate a team to making skate for the new-gen consoles....

        Thank you, I forgot about this one!!

        holy shit i gotta stay on top of this!

    Classic Tony Hawk 1-3 are my personal favourites, i've never played Skate but heard good things!

    One day they'll make another good one.... hopefully.

      Skate took it in a pretty different direction. Rather than doing 1080 Backflip Christairs off a helicopter into a darkslide down a rollercoaster rail, you focused on doing tricks and sequences much more akin to actual skating. It had a slick reset option as well that let you go back to the top of a set of stairs to try that hardflip, noseslide into a heelflip exit jussst one more time... God I miss that game. Now I'm sad and I didn't even get to be happy first :(

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        Skate is/was awesome!

        I grew up with THPS and they have a special place in my heart. Such a killer soundtrack, really good intro to a few bands, I first heard Suicidal Tendencies because of it (something I would skate to IRL frequently).

        Towards the end it was way too easy though. When they added manuals in 2 it was ridiculous. You could pretty much finish a whole level with one string of tricks.

        Skate 1/2? Blew my mind, no more Left, Right, Square to kickflip.. no area 51 either, memories....

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    Lost a lot of time in the Skate series!!! Absolutely shat all over THPS and made realistic skating very cool - Pulling off a huge drop in and not stacking it felt so good as opposed to just grinding around the whole map on THPS mashing different kickflips into different grinds lol

    The new THPS is still exactly like this which i found strange - i thought it would be more nostalgic but it just feels like shit

    The problem is, is that this is not what a new skateboarding game should be. The things people loved about Skate 2 were there in 3, but what 3 added was a much more exaggerated version of skateboarding, when that's not what skateboarding is about, and it's not what skaters want. They would be much better off building on the framework of skate 2 but getting deeper with it: board/truck/wheel choices matter in terms of stats, clothes get wrecked and you have to buy new ones, maybe big slams effect your nerves so it's harder to land bigger stuff (you're psyched out) etc etc, adding in (light) RPG elements would add so much depth, rather than adding more super parks or darkslides.

    Think about in terms of rock climbing (because we know you love it), would you want a rock climbing game where it was all about running and jumping and clinging onto ledges and doing backflips onto the next handhold, in a fluoro landscape with dubstep pumping from invisible speakers? No, because that's not what rock climbing is about. What about a much more challenging, engaging and more down to earth version (not completely realistic obviously) that takes into account the interesting things about RCing like picking hand holds, using your limited amount of strength, the time it takes, the pressure, the second to second decisions, choosing your own routes, or even scouting locations to tackle ones that have never been scaled before? I don't really get into RCing but that sounds rad.

      Spot on. I'd buy this game. As I mentioned in my post, this was what was so amazing about the first Skate, tbh I thought 2 was even dialling it up a bit much. I used to spend a lot of time running frames back and forward around something as simple as a kickflip, because the animation was beautiful or it was squeezed in perfectly into a good combination. If they kept the tricks toned down so we aren't always doing BS like handstand finger flips (I know Rodney Mullen did these, but technically he's not a real person), because they're worth more points.

      Hrmm, maybe a system that somehow doesn't have points for tricks at all, you create videos and they're judged in a different way (variety, execution etc etc.). You sell these for money and buy gear or what not. You could make video crafting a part of the game, so you can buy better cameras or effects, and create more valuable videos.

        aw man don't make me go into it, but I have a lot (too many) ideas about how a more grounded, slightly more RPG-ish skate would be awesome, especially with the power of the new generation consoles.

        Some things:

        Recognition system
        - Sell photos and put together video parts to get more rec, which you can use to get new boards/gear/materials. Like respect you have to earn it by being good, consistent and innovative.

        wheels/trucks/boards have effect stats like speed/balance/pop etc also you can snap boards when they get too old! Leading you to have to keep doing well to get more rec to keep your gear fresh so you can keep skating etc. You could also relieve stress by flexing boards - break too many and it'll set you back rec though.

        Landing more tricks gives you more confidence, not immediately like in a line, but boosts your confidence stat overall, which makes it easier to land bigger tricks or stick tricks from a dodgy run up. Too may stacks or bails and your confidence stat will go gradually down and you'll have to work on it again.

        Learning tricks
        You start off with basics, the more you do them (and do them well) the more you unlock. Similar to the BBoy game system, you could even have unlocks

        Just like burnside you can 'create' your own terrain in the real world. Use your rec to buy materials like concrete and steel and also tools to make the world more interesting. turn walls into ramps, smooth over landings, put in rails over gaps etc. This could also extend into multiplayer where anyone can edit the world and you have amazing (or horrible) community built parks.

        There's more but I'll stop there.


          Aw man, you could even have a whole slew of different animations for tricks done when confident or not, so your runs look cleaner if you're playing confident, which makes for a better video or better photos.

          Would you have character stats so that you can invest into street or air for example? I always found it a bit irritating that in every game your guy can just be the best at everything. I wouldn't mind forgoing the ability to do a 1080 to pursue a career as a street skater.

          I really like your ideas man, it focuses the game more on building around the core of skating, rather than trying to make it a game about bigger spectacle.

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