This Week's Episode Of Good Game Was Really Great

Good Game is — in my opinion — a consistently great TV show about video games.

But every now and then they push out an absolute corker. The last one I remember was the women in games episode, but this week's show — which focuses on the Game Developer's Conference in San Francisco — might be one of their best ever.

Because of the subject, the focus moves away from games towards the people who make games and the end result is a nice change of pace.

Like I said, I enjoy Good Game, but I wouldn't mind seeing more stuff like this. You can now view the whole episode here in this post thanks to YouTube. Well worth watching.


    Good Game is a brilliant show that is of a consistently high quality. The gamer market is a really hard one to appeal to broadly and I think Bajo & Hex do a brilliant job of it.

    Thanks for the reminder, I haven't seen this week's episode yet.

    I love Good Game, and watch it every week...
    ...but I'd really prefer that the specials were just that - 'specials' that were aired *in addition* to the normal show. I really dislike missing out on game reviews etc. for the sake of coverage of GDC or E3.

    Yeah it was a really good insight into the GDC. For someone who usually plays the class clown, Nichboy did a really informative piece of journalism in a manner that got people to relax and give very candid responses. One of the most mature episodes of GG ive ever seen.

      When Nichboy first started at GG i didn't really like him. It has actually taken till now for me to appreciate him on the show (i don't watch week to week so i guess it has just taken me longer to get used to him), but this was a very good episode.

    A great episode that balanced humour/entertainment with meaningful insight into the industry and the humans that make it all work. And it was all filmed in HD which, despite causing last-minute problems (the ABC is weird), definitely helped sell how awesome some of those games looked.

    I thought this episode did not fit within Good Game's mission - it should have been its own short.

    I really enjoyed this episode. It was great to see a contrast between someone who was attending their first GDC and those that that been last year, and those that were old pros now. It made me realise just how huge the game dev community is. You tend to think of indie developers as one or two people sitting in a tiny room building a game, not a vibrant community of people that feed off each other's inspiration and are so generous with their ideas and time. Even when there are failures it's used as a learning experience, not an actual failure. It was pretty inspirational! Also, good on the Government for sending some of our talented devs over there! Aussies were well represented!

    I agree that this was definitely one of the very best episodes. NichBoy has been a real strong addition to the team, and it was great to see him tackling GDC seriously and differently than it has been done before. Great stuff!





          But seriously, Bajo and Hex do a wonderful job. They're a fantastic team.

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            Yes, I like bajo and hex a lot more than junglist. People having a sooky la la about junglist need to get over it. He is gone, Stick a sock in it.

              Never liked his horrible accent. It sounded like a weird fake American accent. He wasn't really that interesting either.

              Also #PointlessHashtag

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    I got as far as the Aussie party scene and switched off. There's plenty of times/places for Aussie devs to meet up and talk (Since the whole Aussie development/gaming media scene is one gigantic click) so why segregate themselves away from other devs when they want to expand and learn? Seem stupid to me.

      That would be what the GDC is for, the Aussie party is after the event for the day and would be beneficial for new developers who's first time it is at the GDC to meet and talk to other Aussie devs about who they should be talking to at the GDC, how to go about getting certain devs to notice them and what talks to go to etc.

    Agreed, it's definitely one of GG's best episodes and certainly their best 'special'. It was 45 minutes of pure video gaming passion. It offered a great insight into GDC and its positive communal atmosphere, how it offers free and open knowledge, the challenges small developers face, and a unique insight into the other side of the business. I came away feeling positive. But the most important message I came away from the special is that more needs to be done to encourage, nurture and grow the industry in Australia, and provide more opportunities for people who want to get into the gaming industry.

    Well Good Game never sets a very high bar to begin with... Do you agree? Yeah I agree. What about that? Yeah I liked that too. Yeah we all agree. This week we look into the hipster scene now making Indy games that are on par with interactive educational information services at a museum exhibit. So edgy cool.

      I tune in ONLY for game review footage etc, because it's become laughable how toothless it all is.
      Everybody seems to always take the diplomatic, 'friendly' approach.
      As you illustrated; it's nothing but a bunch of people agreeing.

      That was the magic of Margaret & David with At The Movies; conflict.
      They respected each other...but were always rock-solid individuals who stood their ground on differing views.
      Whereas these guys never seem to take the gloves off, so to speak.

      I SERIOUSLY wish GG had some solid rivals.
      I feel it'd raise everyone's game if they didn't have such a monopoly on the 'game review show' scene here in Australia.

    I thought this special was brilliant but I think if they did more of these then they'd have to be run alongside the show. If they start cutting back the regular show for more specials then they'll lose the fans that don't have an interest in this side of things. Some of their specials appease both fans like the special on Depression and Mental Disorders which was one of the best episodes they have made, but when it comes to a full (and even an hour long) episode that doesn't really include games or reviews then I think they'd be better off sneaking this in alongside the show. Of course that would all depend on how much the network wants to show it.

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