Totally Official Pokémon Lingerie 

Totally Official Pokémon Lingerie

Over the years, people have made numerous Pokémon-themed lingerie. Those have been totally unofficial. Until now. Via Kai-You, here is a new collection of Pokémon undergarments for Yummy Mart, a new Japanese lingerie brand spun off by lingerie company Peach John. These are officially licensed, but sadly, not for sale.

Totally Official Pokémon Lingerie

[Image: Risa_Doll]

Probably for the best as they're not exactly ideal for wearing under clothing! Though, that might not be the point. I'm not really sure.

Totally Official Pokémon Lingerie

[Images: Yummy Mart]

Thankfully, there are more practical items, too, such as towels, underwear and pyjamas, which will be available starting April 20 in Japan.

You can see pricing and more on Yummy Mart's official site.

[Top Image: Yummy Mart]


    Geek drooling incoming!

    More likely to make me laugh than arouse me.. sorry but, LOL

    Hah! I knew collecting all those pokemon plushies would someday become handy.

    *Grabs the sticky tape and drops pants*

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