Tracer Breaks New Ground In Heroes Of The Storm

Let's leave all that silly Tracer butt controversy in the past where it belongs shall we?

Instead let's watch this: gameplay footage of Tracer in Heroes of the Storm.

I know very little about Heroes of the Storm, or MOBAs in general, so I'm pretty ill-equipped to talk about how Tracer is shaping up as a HOTS character — but she looks pretty damn cool to me. Apparently she's breaking new ground — in keeping with her character, she's the very first hero to be able to attack and move at the same time. Interesting.



    You gotta put your behind in the past.

      Can't have our new champion being the butt of any more jokes.

        It's pretty assinine to believe it will stop here

    Both she and purple sniper lady *Googles* Widowmaker are in the new Overwatch animated short. It should go a little way to alleviating the fretting about sexualisation.

    As a HotS player, she does look like she will be cool to play - as a wannabe Overwatch player, this makes me sad that I still haven't made it into the beta :/

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