Twitch Is Giving Out Deodorant At PAX East

Twitch Is Giving Out Deodorant At PAX East

If you've ever been to a convention, you know what a problem body odour can be. But judging from pictures coming out of PAX East this morning, Twitch is doing its part to help with the smelly crisis. Genius! Another picture, courtesy of @therealcliffyb:

The stunt is not surprising, given that Old Spice is listed as a sponsor of sorts for Twitch this weekend, but still. This is pretty clever.

Image credit: @DaveOshry


    Sad thing is that this is required, how hard is it to shower and put on antiperspirant deodorant when going out into public, especially large groups.

    Seriously needed. Every time I go to a convention that I know I'm going to be at for longer than an hour, I will always bring some antiperspirant with me. That many people in a tight space generates quite the heat.

    This should be a thing a magic tournaments. Also suspenders.

    Its a wonderful start the next move should be to replace the fire alarm sprinkers with a mist of fresh air every 30mins lol

    Why not have a rule, if you stick and look unhygienic you are not allowed in. If you can put the effort in to going to a convention, you can surely put in the effort to have a shower.

    Problem is the stinky bastards still wont take or use the deodorant.
    Conventions and LANs are the worst

    This is just hugely, massively, utterly not surprising at all.

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