US Congressman's Card Spends $US1300 Of Campaign Money On Steam Games

Congressman's Card Spends $US1300 ($1,726) Of Campaign Money On Steam Games

Congressman Duncan Hunter is being questioned by the Federal Election Commission after it was discovered his credit card used "campaign funds to pay for video games on 68 separate occasions". As the San Diego Union-Tribune report, Hunter's campaign credit card spent $US1302 ($1729) on "Steam Games" last year, noting that they were a "personal expense" that had to be "paid back". The problem being that there's no record of them having been paid back yet.

Hunter is blaming his son for the purchases, saying that he used his father's card to buy one game, "and then several unauthorised charges resulted after the father tried to close access to the website".

The Congressman is reportedly trying to have the charges reversed. Which should be an interesting test for Steam's refund policy.

Interestingly, the FEC's letter on the subject is available for public viewing, and it shows that... well, a lot more than one game was purchased. There are 68 Steam purchases on the record over a two-month period, some minor ($US5), but also plenty of bigger ones too, ranging from $US50 all the way up to $US96.30.

For what it's worth, Hunter is also this guy. So, yeah.


    Sok his son is a PC gamer. I forgive you sir.

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    "I didnt know my son spent 1700 dollarydoos on games!" Yeah, he bought the games.
    As bad as missappropriation of funds is, it's at least a welcome change from the usual union-corporation-lobby corruption!

    Hey, at least the kid was able to buy his games in his local currency.

    Steam Sales will fuck you.

    (Thought he was hitting a hookah, on the main-page... what is that thing?)

      vape, surprising he's still allowed to smoke it inside.

        Considering he isn't smoking, I guess it's ok.

        Considering that there is a definite scientific and political difference, at least in the USA, between a product that contains tobacco and a product that doesn't contain tobacco, I guess it's ok.

        Yeah, you can smoke them anywhere as far as I know, its only flavoured vapour with some nicotine mixed in, so not harmful to passive breathers :) although not good for your lungs either. Whether its appropriate or not is another question lol

          Can't smoke them in Australia. They're classed the same as cigs here at least.. And it looks like a lot of states in the USA are moving laws to treat them like regular tobacco products too.

            Source? Legislation is varied according to state, and even then it is in a grey spot at the moment. I've vaped in a gov't service building (Tas) and no one said a damn thing; then again, I've vaped in a pub and got a blasting from the manager, so eh?

              I believe the ones you can get easily in australia has no nicotine content

                Yes but it is not illegal to import nicotine juice and vape it. Just to retail it here

            I'm not sure that you're correct there, but would would be curious to know where you found that out? As far as I know, there is no issue smoking them anywhere you want. I used them for a while as I had heard they were helpful in quitting, and I was never pulled up smoking them where normally you wouldn't be allowed. I could well be wrong though, as Australia does have some OTT laws

              afaik, all the nicotine ones are banned for sale here. (except for Canberra)
              but you're right in that there's no law saying you can't smoke them.

                Ah righto, that makes sense :) i got mine online, so guess i was lucky with quaratine lol i'm sure that law will come in soon enough though lol

    Better than $1500 on dinner or hookers

      actually its worse, Dinner and Hookers I can understand!

        yeah dinners and hookers are actually covered for campaign fund spending

    He should have just said he was doing 'social research' on the games kids/people play to understand violence/sex related content in them. That would have been smart however.

    He purchased 1 game, or let's say big expensive game pack. And than in the process he rung up a ton of extra games trying to remove his credit card from the Steam Profile?

    Either he's full of it or computer illiterate.

    More likely that his kid is full of it.

    "I swear Dad, I only bought one game. There must have been a glitch is the system, and... then Steam bought many other games with your credit card details because... in-app purchases."

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