Valve Changes Map To Honour Insane Counter-Strike Round

It arguably changed the course of a semi-final for one of the largest Counter-Strike tournaments this year. It was one round from Marcelo "coldzera" David, where he single-handedly demolished an rush to keep his team alive.

The sequence changed the course of the match, and the tournament. So in the latest update for Counter-Strike, Valve has tipped their hat to the Brazilian sniper by permanently memorialising his efforts.

The memento comes in the form of graffti, plastered at the very spot where Coldzera torched Team Liquid's rush. If you missed that, here's the replay again:

Anyone who goes to the spot on Mirage now will see a logo of an AWP with wings, a small ode to the jumping shot Coldzera hit as part of the sequence. There's also four icons just above the scope sight, marking the four Team Liquid players who fell to the Brazilian's sharpshooting.

Well met, Valve, well met.


    fines exploit, and has been honored for it, i c, well now thats...uh...great? gg cs go.

      First off, *finds.

      Secondly, it's a intended game mechanic or it would easily have been patched out forever ago.

      Is jumping and shooting an exploit now?

        hahaha i've not managed to hit one in plain view of the enemy for a while now and i've really given it a go =D...

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