Want To Know How Well The Xbox One Is Doing? Ask EA

Out of the three major console manufacturers, Sony has been the most vocal when it comes to their sales figures. And you would be too if you were beating your main rival to the tune of tens of millions of consoles.

So it's understandable that Microsoft haven't been overly loose lipped when it comes to the size of their install base. But that's OK, because EA is.

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In a earnings call with investors, the chief financial officer of Electronic Arts revealed that the combined lifetime sales of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 totalled approximately 55 million units. He didn't provide any specifics as to how many consoles each sold, but that's OK — because as The Guardian points out, Sony has.

As of November 22 last year, the PS4 had sold more than 30.2 million units worldwide. That figure rose to 35.9 million by the end of December, according to Sony's most recent press release, and the company hasn't announced a new total since then.

Joining the dots tells us that the Xbox One has sold around 19.1 million units, almost half the footprint of Sony's console. Microsoft does have the benefit of being able to market to gamers on Windows 10, however, although recent efforts haven't gone down too well.

[The Guardian]


    UWP has a long way to go. Will not get better for the next few years and by the time it caught up, it will be far behind again.

    35 ÷2 is 17.5, last time I checked so 19 isn't almost half?

      Rounded down it is

      35.9 not 35 so its 19.1/35.9 * 100 which is 53.2% i reckon that's almost half. Oh you also havnt taken into consideration that it is extremely likely that the PS4 has continued to outsell MS in the last 4 months (latest figures for ps4 sales is december) so it's probably very, very close to 50%.

        53.2% is not almost 50%, it's more than 50%.
        almost implies less than but close to.

        53% is approximately or about 50%, yes. but not almost 50%.

        if someone were to say "I'm almost 6 years old" it's quite obvious that they are less than 6 years old.

          Which is precisely what i meant. Its almost 50% as in the number is lowering... not getting higher.

          EDIT: to be clear his was 54.5% mine is 53.2% and its probably lower than that as the sales data is 4 months out of date... almost reaching 50%

          Last edited 20/04/16 12:09 am

      Wait, who actually gives a shit?

        Sir, I would like to buy you a beer. If you are even a sir. Either way, beer.

          I am indeed a sir, sir. Your beer is kindly accepted.

      A less sensationalist (and kinder) way to say it would have been 'slightly more than half' but obviously doesn't sound as sexy.

        And this is what I meant exactly. Can't factor in sales we don't know about yet, I mean it's unlikely the xbone outsold the ps4 in the last few months but hey we don't know. Just over half is what I would have deemed the correct term but hey what do I know about math and English??

    Meh I'm enjoying mine.

    EA Access, Games with Gold and backwards compatibility have my library pretty well stocked.

      Yep. I have both, but the PS4 is pretty much a glorified Netflix box for now (for Mrs BJ, so I can remote-play) - the PSN and PS+ service have just stagnated, while Microsoft goes from strength to strength.

      As soon as I stopped worrying about what other people were playing and being part of the 'winning' team I enjoyed my games a lot more.

        "As soon as I stopped worrying about what other people were playing and being part of the 'winning' team I enjoyed my games a lot more."

        Wiser words are rarely spoken.

      Yeah I got one recently and it's just a really polished experience, I'm enjoying it. The Games with Gold offerings seem a lot meatier than the PS+ freebies too.

    Zero sympathy for Microsoft. XONE insists on focusing soley on the most obvious and western titles. The Japanese make the best games and they make a variety of interesting genres. XONE has bro shooters and AAA western titles ie: UBISOFT crap which is cross platform anyway. There is no reason to purchase xone unless you must have Gears of war or Halo. And if that's you, I feel sorry for you.

    Last edited 19/04/16 9:29 pm

      As much as I enjoy Nintendo games and JRPGs and hate first-person shooters (which is a majority of the big games on the Xbox One), you can't just state your opinion as fact m8.

        It's a comment section, they sure can.

          Maybe in a less condescending and whining way then? Idk, I've had enough internet for today.

          They can try, but it won't work. They're two different things that only occasionally align, and in this case they don't.

        Oh sorry, do I need to preface what I said with IMO? Of course it's my opinion duh. You're welcome to disagree.

          No, the problem is when u say fully loaded stuff like 'ubisoft crap' and 'there is no reason to purchase xone unless you must have Gears of war or Halo', both of which, when you dont actually say why, seem like horribly biased assertions.

      There's also the Forza games, the Rare collection (which is a brilliant bargain, especially if you're into retro gaming), early availability of the sequel to the Tomb Raider reboot, Sunset Overdrive, Titanfall (cough) and EA Access. And backwards compatibility, which only covers about 10% of the 360 library, but 10% of the 360 library is nothing to sneeze at

      I bought my XB1 on the basis of the Rare collection.

      That said, the PS4 does have a much wider array of games in general, and Microsoft's record on JRPGs in particular is absolutely woeful - although the JRPG selection on the PS4 is still relatively slim.

      The Japanese make the worst games. Really. The shittest games imaginable.

      Sorry, thought we were just expressing opinions as facts now.

        I've just got back from Tokyo and perusing the Akihabara stores the PS4 sure does corner the market in big boobed high school dating sims...

        Once you've played one JRPG you've pretty much played them all. Something something crystals, something love triangle, something something class war something something.

    I love mine and XBL
    You can have your old tired franchises Ratshit & Wank ;)
    God of war remake must be just around the corner.

    I haven't seen this much butthurt in a kotaku comments section for a long time, I almost forgot what it was like!

    VG chartz says PS4 is sitting on 40 million, and Xbox One 20 million.


    No but seriously.....none of the master race wanted in on this??

      MASTER RACE!!!!!!

      Happy now?

      *goes back to dividing gaming time between Elite: Dangerous on PC and Just Cause 3 on PS4*

        Yeah I'm also a pretty even split between PC and PS4. I make the decision on a game by game basis, do I want to slump on the couch for hours or sit at the PC.
        Generally FPS/strat/racing on PC, and 3rd person/story based on PS4. Witcher 3 on PS4 was the right choice, Fallout 4 was not, I should have got that on PC - forgot about mods herp derp

          Similar. Like you, 3rd person mostly on the sofa. GTA, Assassin's Creed, Just Cause.

          Exceptions - Mass Effect (needs mousey/keyboardy...), on the PC. Max Payne series too. And Rise of the Tomb Raider was PC because impatience and I wasn't buying an xBone just for one game... :D

          Racing games mainly on the sofa too (Gran Turismo...), so we differ there.

          FPS mostly on the PC. Destiny is the only shooter I've seriously played on console. Flight and space sims on the PC.

            I generally only play full racing Sims and have a rig setup with wheel and screen and stuff so PC is the best platform for that, but I did get drive club for some beers with mates on PS4.

            I got the Division on PS4, put it into the 3rd person category but wasn't sure if I should have gone PC, I'm happy with my decision so far, more friends and even though aiming is balls on a controller compared to Mouse, I'm mostly PvE so it doesn't matter.

    Guys, we're all gamers. Let's put aside the petty tribalism and attempts to reinforce that you made the Correct Purchase (TM) by hunting confirmation bias about which console is better than the other.

    XB1 or PS4, even Nintendo, it doesn't matter. You're each peasants squabbling in the shadows cast by the glorious PC master race.


        The funny thing is because I had the article open for an hour before I replied, I didn't actually see your reply above until after I'd posted ;)

          Must of been ESP I reckon

            PC users are naturally possessed of many powers that may seem supernatural to console peasants.

    Or you could just check the hardware figures at vgchartz

      I've been a member of VGC for years. They use multiple sources to determine their figures - and keep somewhat accurate by adjusting figures whenever official announcements are made. Using this method they've been able to give a pretty fair estimation over the years.

      They'll be looking at this announcement and checking their figures - and they seem to line up pretty accurately - but lets not pretend the tail is wagging the dog - announcements of hard numbers - be they from a hardware or software producer - help them to make sure they're on track - not the other way round.

      Not a massively reliable source since it's all based on estimates and hidden methods. Good for high level overviews but not so much for the nitty gritty.

    Who really cares? I enjoy my xbox, people enjoy their PS4's... good for me, and good for them lol

    Despite sales figures, this fact remains the same: They are both great consoles.

    *pulls ejector cord, blasts out window, continues to blast into space, craters on the Moon*

      Are you being reasonable? In a comments section?!? You're the worst. Really, the worst.

    To be fair. Sony has Japan and xbox was never going to make a foothold there as a western console, japanese gamers aren't as interested in a lot of western titles. And how large is the japanese population again? that probably contributes quite a lot to the numbers.

    Last edited 20/04/16 12:32 pm

    It was a hard decision (deciding between PS4 and Xbone) back in 2014 but I'm glad I went Xbone because with GWG, all the new IPs and backwards compatibility (think about this - I have all three Dark Souls games and all three Borderlands games and all four Gears of War games on one console) it's a vast improvement over the Xbox 360s later years which were punctuated by Kinect, Call of Duty Map Packs, a dwindling XBLA (as PS3 gathered steam) and the sane four franchises (Halo/Gears/Forza/Fable) to the exclusion of all other ideas

    I'll take second place any day!

      Take second place any day?
      I am reminded of the Sean Connery quote from The Rock.

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