War Is Beautiful In EVE Online

War Is Beautiful In EVE Online

The largest war in EVE Online history is brewing, and you don’t need to understand what’s going on to appreciate the gorgeous spectacle.

The conflict is so exciting that it’s drawn EVE Online YouTuber Rooksandkings back into the fray, crafting a short video that’s one part documentary, one part recruitment propaganda. If I were versed enough in CCP’s long-running science fiction MMO well enough to think I’d survive for more than a few seconds in one of these battles I’d join back up in a heartbeat.

Rooksandkings does an excellent job of describing what we’re seeing in this roiling mass of light and polygons.


  • Pretty sure but had no idea what was going on. And seemed, from that distance at least, that there was little fighting unless I missed something.

    • Let me try and sum up what you’re looking at.

      The Orange/Yellow beams you see linking all the blobs of ships are other ships repairing ones being hit. Doing so costs Capacitor (which is like mana). So there are other ships who’s complete job is to act like a battery and they are transferring their own capacitor to the repair ships. This is why you can see a lot of connecting dots. Each ship works in harmony.

      Most of the ships are shooting at others and you can see that sometimes. The straight red beams are a type of laser so they are easy to see but there are projectiles and missiles that u likely cant see too. All ships can do many things but are best specialized for 1 role in a fleet for massive efficiency gains. Co-op pays off big time.

      The war you see is called “World War Bee” and its a fight against the CFC (recently rebranded imperium) gthe largest coalition in the game who is run by the “Goon Swarm” headed by the most hated guy in the universe. Their tactics are dickish ones that aim to ruin the fun of the others playing them (which is allowed).

      Their main tact is is to outnumber the enemy with really cheap ships and grind their opponents down. while losing little money. Recently after a long series of minor blows with important people leaving, they decided to attack an area of space held by dozens of smaller alliances that owned some moons in lowsec space. IT was supposed to be a steamroll however the smaller alliances were individually better coordinated and better fit, formed up to form a resistance coalition. On top of that, the CFC pissed off a really really really rich player who then started paying mercenary corps to harass them. Now this rag-tag band of corps have re-formed into a huge but temporary coalition with one goal to wipe out the CFC.

      the CFC have pulled back to their main territory and their allies who were set up as meatshields are starting to turn coat. Its a REALLY interesting story to follow. Check out the reddit sub for more details. Hours on interesting reading even if youve never played

      • That’s kinda the problem with EVE though. It’s more interesting to read about than it is to play, especially when 10% time dilation kicks in and slows everything to a boring crawl.

    • Two very VERY different styles of games, also Eve came out in 2003 so it is more than a decade old FYI.

  • Here, he uses his most serious voice, while he says “set alarm clocks to be here” …. lol hahahahaha

  • Isn’t the thing about EVE is that it has this major time slowing mechanism which means while it all sounds/reads really interesting and intellectual and strategic, its actually so slow it makes most turn based games seem like a FPS??

    Am I wrong in this?? (I don’t play eve, but this was one of the things that made me avoid it, that and the time I’ll probably lose once I get sucked in…)

    • EVE uses time dilation to compensate for the fact their server architecture can’t handle large numbers of players in one area. The more players gather, the stronger the time dilation effect becomes, capped at 10% (ie. everything happens at one-tenth speed). It’s super boring both to watch and to participate in and the larger scale battles take days to resolve.

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