Watch Babymetal’s US Television Debut Right Here

Watch Babymetal’s US Television Debut Right Here

On The Late Show, Japanese metal idol group Babymetal performed “Gimme Chocolate!!” on American television.

This comes as the group just conquered Wembley in the U.K. and released their latest album, Metal Resistance.


  • Holy guacamole! I love metal, would never listen to this. It made me smile though, they have an awesome aesthetic and who can deny their in sync moves? Any Lolita types in the house feel like opining?

      • Oh no, standard metal stuff for me. High on fire, down, Mastodon etc

        Also really like doom/sludge/stoner: Shrinebuilder, Sleep, stoned jesus, blah blah

        • Never got much into the stoner stuff. Bit too drone for me. Melodic death metal, loud fast metal, etc.

          That said, if you did want to give a hardcore punk/metal Japanese band a go, Maximum the Hormone are excellent.

          • Never got much into the stoner stuff. Bit too drone for me.

            Ha, I get that all the time, hard to go from Toxic holocaust to Asbestos Death. It took me a while to get into but i’d say it’s worthwhile 🙂

            Thanks for the recommendation, always willing to try new bands *thumbs up*

  • Haha! I was literally whistling the opening when I opened up Kotaku and this article was at the top. Rock on girls. \m/ \m/

  • I friggen LOVE Babymetal – awesome performance… they’re so much fun! Been listening to the new single Karate waaay more than I should be… pretty hyped for the new album 🙂

  • The one playing the music are brutal as fuck… Then the girls started singing and it turned into generic jpop and he song died. I was so disappointed as my friends talked Baby Metal up as “The Metallica of Japan”.

    • Your friends lied to you, which is probably why you’re disappointed. They’re a metal/pop fusion, and for that they do it pretty well.

    • By Metallica of Japan you mean once godly and now average? Well Babymetal and current day Metallica are both average so they have that in common.

  • I’ve been listening to them for a few years now, really weird to suddenly see them popping up everywhere lately.

  • Love Babymetal and listen to their album when I’m in the mood for something completely different. Even have the Pop Vinyls of them!

  • Eh.. I don’t think American TV needed this…I get a feeling it’s just going to perpetuate the idea of Japan being full of weird stuff in a negative fashion. How many Americans are going to understand the body language used in this? I feel like any entertainment value this does has will be lost on most of them.

    Ah well.

  • As teenager all I listened to was metal. I’m now in my 30s and can hardly listen to a metal song without cringing. BabyMetal has change that, I actually want to go buy their albulm.

    • Funny enough I listened to Metallica etc as a kid and now listen to mainly death/melodic metal in my 30s.

  • I picked up the new Album April 1st, am not disappointed with what they’ve put out. Track 11-Tales of Destinies is easily the best song on the Album.

  • The concept is interesting, but both parts were so flat and boring. Must try harder 3/10.

  • As a fan of metal/hardcore/punk and other sister genre’s, I don’t personally dig babymetal. What I do respect is that the music is actually legit and could be used in a ‘normal’ band. Almost every other attempt at Jpop-metal I’ve heard through guitar hero, generic asian games played in japan, limited youtubing etc etc…. the ‘music’ always comes out as generic karaoke metal…. Babymetal has the goods in that department.

  • They’re just a fun metal band. If you like it, who gives a shit. My housemate almost swears by them. Metal really can encompass any other style of music and some people do it well. Yes it might be a bit ‘gimmicky’, but Babymetal aren’t a new flash in the pan band that’s just popped up and will be forgotten tomorrow.

    Having them on American tv though I can picture a similar sort of reaction to when Rammstein were first unleashed on American audiences (although with less vulgarity).

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