Watch The Official Star Fox Anime

Watch The Official Star Fox Anime

Video: It's short, coming in at around 13 minutes, but remember: this is a team effort between Production I.G. (Ghost in the Shell), WIT Studios (Attack on Titan) and Shigeru Miyamoto. And it's pretty damn cool.


    That is pretty damn awesome! Corny but also true to the series..

    Between this and the Pikmin shorts, I really wish Nintendo would team up with a reputable animation studio and do some small short series on their franchises. Id lap them all up!


    That was unexpected. Giggling like a little kid at the sheer existence of it.

    There's a weird school of thought that's cropped up since Nintendo's recent (collective) pratfalls in that 'Nostalgia' and Nintendo's apparent weaponisation of such a thing is Evil.

    I don't equate 'drawing upon a long history and traditions' as cynical money-making efforts but then again I still am a bit of a romantic towards video-games.

    I would definitely like to see more of this. My mind is instantly leaping to the other characters and games that could get this treatment, but only if Shigeru Miyamoto is involved. You can't bottle his lightning so I'd hope Nintendo strikes while the iron is hot. I'm running out of cliches.


    The only way that could have been better is if it were done with puppetry instead.

      Look up the foxy fox trailer.

        That's just a trailer. I want a whole series.

        Also the game needs to be made of puppets too. I mean between Epic Yarn, Rainbow Curse and Woolly World, surely that's what they've been working towards?

    When I first saw Nintendo getting all animated for Kid Icarus, I was hyped for more. Since then we've had Pikmin, Smash Bros, and now Star Fox.

    Nintendo needs to get more animation going because all of this stuff is great. Imagine if there were another long-running cartoon/anime like Pokemon but it was just a series of shows in the Nintendo-verse. That would be awesome.

    I didn't even want to get Starfox, but that short cartoon makes me think otherwise.

    Nintendo should start advertising their games with a cartoon from now on.

    The one franchise I was always thought they could have done a lot more with. Nostalgia overload.

    As someone who has no investment in Starfox, or anime really for that matter, that was unexpectedly enjoyable. The frame dropping technique they use to make the CG look like stilted 2d does look a bit odd at times though.

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