We Finally Have A Trailer For Bruce Timm’s The Killing Joke Movie

We Finally Have A Trailer For Bruce Timm’s The Killing Joke Movie

The definitive Batman voice actors have returned for an animated adaptation of one of the most famous stories in comics history, and everything about it looks fantastic.

We’ve already learned that there will be some places where The Killing Joke strays away from the source material: namely that there will be a new prologue, and that Barbara Gordon will be getting a slightly more respectful treatment. Still, many of the scenes in this trailer are ripped straight from Brian Bolland’s pages, and will — if the original comic is any indicator — be among Mark Hamill’s most terrifying performances as Gotham’s clown prince.

The Killing Joke will premier this year at San Diego Comic-Con, but a release date still has yet to be announced.


    • Can’t wait for the 1080p.WEB-DL.AAC2.0.H264 torrent to come out 3 weeks before the blu ray.

      • Nah, I can wait for the BluRay. Most likely from Amazon even if the currency conversion is against me.

        My little silent protest against the local, Australian distributors.

        Also, as I’m self-employed it means my getting caught torrenting will get me the corporation scale penalty of at least $300,000 per offence. Very good incentive to not infringe.

  • Voice acting is on point as you’d expect, but I hope some of this is placeholder animation as it’s pretty janky.

    • I don’t know. If the trailer is to go by, Mark Hamill is struggling to do the Joker these days.

      Maybe all that laughter has finally shredded his throat, which might explain why Luke Skywalker didn’t say anything in Episode 8.

      • This is basically the last gasp for him as the Joker as I understand it. He’d retired from doing the voice but had to come back for the Killing Joke.

        Which, to be honest, by today’s standards I’m not even sure holds up to the lofty position that fans give it.

        • There is no denying he did a good job in The Animated Series and later parts but yes, age and the laud laughs the Joker is known for have finally caught up with him.

          It gets them all though. Look at some of the voices Mel Blanc did and even age started to get to them.

          And if this is his last time, then it is a good swan song. What better way to go than a recap on what made the Joker?

        • Sorry, I’m one episode off. But it might be easy to guess what Episode 8 is given how Episode 7 is basically a cue for cue copy of Episode 4.

      • Sure, but I think filming it shot-for-shot, so to speak, would lean heavily towards one particular interpretation… why else would the two characters go suddenly silent for before the sirens do etc. You’d have to fade to black earlier or have the laughter trail off naturally and in either case lose even the hint of ambiguity.

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