Welcome To Dark Souls III

If you, like me, spent a fair amount of time playing Dark Souls III over the weekend, you're going to relate to this.

Welcome to Dark Souls.

But you know what? I'd argue that Dark Souls III is probably the most accessible From Software game in a while. There's a pretty harsh difficulty spike about halfway through the game, but the opening sections and the opening boss fights are a lot more forgiving than, say, Bloodborne. I mean, I played through the opening section of Bloodborne recently and got destroyed by Father Gascoigne, the game's second boss. I wasn't even on NG+!

I guess what I'm saying is this: Dark Souls III is a good From Software game to start on.


    I've been thoroughly enjoying it - only issue i have is time!!! 10 hours in isnt far enough!!!

    Wouldn't Gascoigne be the first boss? seeing as the other is optional #nitpick

    Also that vid is hilarious.

      I count him as second boss, AS ALL BOSSES ARE ONLY OPTIONAL IN YOUR MIND! :P

    Lol mark, bright side you were pretty close to a bonfire =P

    It's part frustrating and still part funny when stuff like this happens :)

    So much salt when you hit a dying streak or you get frustrated and run past but then refreshing to die to something so avoidable.

    Father Gascoigne made me rethink whether I should bother with these games. After beating him, everything else seemed far more doable

      I feel like this would probably be the case for me, should I actually sit down and bother to beat the Capra Demon.

    I chortled.

    On a related note, one thing that has really surprised me with Dark Souls 3 is that there's been a slight adjustment in my play style that I didn't immediately pick up on - I've started performing "reconnaissance" on levels. That is, when I get to the new area first I'll try just killing everything, but eventually I'll hit "that one monster" that knows how to rustle my jimmies to an early grave. At that point I switch to an exploratory mode that runs past the monsters, grabbing items on the way, and exploring until I find the first bonfire in a level, and then I'll circle back and pick up what I missed.

    TLDR; TIL don't need to kill everything. In fact, I'd probably put this in the basket of how Souls games don't stop you from playing the game wrong (ie newbs will generally try be too cautious to the point where it's MORE dangerous).

      Dark Souls 2 was when I had that realisation. Before that I would kill... every... enemy... every... time. I blame JRPGs for corrupting my thinking like that with their leveling and grinding.

        It didn't hurt that in DS2 you could actually exhaust the enemies so they'd stop respawning, which if some were giving you trouble in pairs, you could eventually whittle down to singles.

    Is it weird the first thing I got from the video is "HOLY SHIT YOU HAVE A LOT OF HEALTH!"?

    Last edited 18/04/16 2:18 pm

      Heh, you want to see a lot of health? Check out this dude: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kQVfF9A4wt8

      (PVP video so no spoilers for bosses/item locations/enemies but it is in a fairly late-game location)

      That's a lot? Man, I've got like... 30 vigor or whatever it is, 1200'ish health? +8 estus flasks heal like 80% of it, so anything less than that would be a waste of estus. Overheals are bad!

        19 here, 700 ish hp. At lvl 50ish.
        So yes.

          also made me kek http://imgur.com/gallery/mQwgewx

      Nevermind that they tried to eat a Green Blossom instead of healing lawl.

    My welcome to dark souls 3 was thinking I'm clever and shooting an arrow at the dragon from the tower with the bonfire. The dragon just turned around looked at me and then burninated me

    well played dark souls

      Go down under the bonfire to where the knight is, clear the area, stand just inside the doorway and just plink away at the dragon with a longbow. I drove him off with something in the region of 80 of the cheap wooden arrows. It wasn't a cheap thing to do but better safe than sautéed... No drake sword, unfortunately.

    Now this is not my first rodeo when it comes to Souls... but I gotta admit when that black mutant thing engulfed me the first time I just about crapped my pants ...

      Speaking of Bodily functions; the first time you run into High Lord Wolnir, where your'e standing in darkness and approach an item on the ground, only for the light to then reveal you're standing face-to-face with a 4-metre tall skull... Swear I almost pissed myself.

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        I very nearly jumped out of my skin in the jail, down from Irythyll of the Boreal Valley, when performing a perfectly innocuous, common task that had horrifyingly unexpected results.

        The game totally punk'd me.

          I think I know exactly what you're talking about, is it the corpse that screams at you upon picking up the item in front of it?
          If so, then yes it also made jump, but I didn't enjoy it. Felt like a cheap jump scare you get in movies: No danger in the situation, just set up to make you jolt.

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            Yup, that's the one.

            It did make me start to think about all those corpses you pick souls up off, though. It was screaming at having its soul ripped away, like... it wasn't done with that. It actually started looking anguished and reached out. What have we been doing?! Also, I think it does actually have some mechanical effect. You know the other hollow screechers that wake-up any dormant combat hollows? I think that did the same thing.

              Ok wow. Your comment just made me change my opinion of it. If the intent of the creators was what you just said, then that is truly clever and thought-provoking. :D

          It scared the crap out of me, too... and then I threw my Soap Stone down just so I could re-live it (by watching other people frantically roll for their life)

    Poor guy got dunked =/

    I'm looking forward to picking it up later this week now that i have the time to play! So keen, hopefully i don't have any technical issues playing on PC rendering it unplayable as it had no issues playing DS1 and DS2 on max despite being a 2 year old laptop haha

    Omg that was brilliant! I hate those fucking guys right!
    I should have saved some videos of my attempts at getting to the crystal mage quickly...I fell down the hole in the room before him and got mauled by one of those crucified demons so many times lol

    i beat dks3 only to realize you can upgrade the estus flask with undead bone shard haha, will blaze threw the next playthrough

    Dark Souls always knows to find me at that in-between emotion of laughing and crying.

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