Widowmaker Aims To Kill In The Second Overwatch Animated Short

Widowmaker Aims To Kill In The Second Overwatch Animated Short

The first bit of Pixar-quality Overwatch animation from Blizzard was touching. The second is downright chilling.

Everybody’s favourite rear-end model co-stars in Widowmaker’s short story, attempting to stop the deadly assassin from taking out the metal face of the robot/human equality movement. It does not end the way I thought it would.

Two down, two to go, I’m really enjoying getting to know the characters in Blizzard’s competitive online shooter through these vignettes. Hopefully the shorts continue post launch, though I would also accept a full-length animated feature instead.


  • And there goes another ‘comedian’ from US Kotaku, right back to the pose controversy. It was/is over and done with.

    Every week we should be thankful for Mark and the AU team, I swear.

    • i already am. everytime some says kotaku sucks i always tell them while i agree with them, Kotaku Au is great because of the likes of Mark, Haley, Alex, Logan, Jung, Rae, and Cambell

      • Can we not get all anal about this? Let’s just put it behind us, to the rear, or else we’ll reach the bottom in no time.

        Sorry, I couldn’t help myself. I’m a bit of an ass.

  • Urgh so offensive! They regularly pan the camera around to show the characters tits and ass, all for the male gaze! They even show a close up of Tracers ass while she’s down and injured, trying to incite all these men to protect her, turning her into nothing but a damsel in distress, while also showing off what the prize they’ll receive for saving her. So sexist, gaming is dead!

    and Widowmaker is shown to be heartless, because it’s the only way to have a female villain. Did we really need another lame female villain with no personality? Does she really have to kill people? Urgh so offensive!

    • A woman with a sniper rifle! You might say I was…. triggered.

      I’ll see myself out.

    • Exactly! Women should NEVER be depicted as if they could make their own decisions about sexual agency. And if they do appeal to the ‘straight male gaze’ it must be because the developers were agents of the patriarchy, not because women might WANT to appeal to the ‘straight male gaze’, because that NEVER happens in the real life world of feminism, and if it DOES happen then the women in question are VICTIMS of the patriarchy because they were CONDITIONED to act that way.

    • I’m pretty sure the between the lines dialogue to that scene was Widowmaker saying “There can only be one butt, and it’s not yours.”

  • Oh good, I was worried Blizzard might have made a new game without the “woman captured by evil faction, brainwashed to be a killing machine, given new skin colour and shoved into fan-servicey outfit” character they always do.

    • By ‘always’ I assume you’re referring to the one single existing character that remotely fits that description, Kerrigan?

      • Sylvanas, too. If they ever do another Lost Vikings, I’m sure one will make an appearance.

        • The ‘evil killing machine’ part doesn’t really fit Sylvanas even when she was in the Scourge. None of the Horde leaders can be considered evil except possibly sha-affected Garrosh. As for her outfit, it was a full length gown for a good 4 years before they redesigned it in 2008 to resemble her original pre-Scourge outfit. She’s essentially wearing the same thing she did before she was killed, just in dark colours.

          • True, being turned into a banshee to slaughter her own people was innocuous. I somehow implied the Horde captured her, not the Scourge, since you brought them up. Her Night-Elf model from the first third of WoW’s existence trumps the other 8 years.

            Can’t imagine what I was thinking, now.

          • Yes, you weren’t thinking, it seems. I’ll help you out.

            1. “woman captured by evil faction” – Yes, this happened.
            2. “brainwashed to be a killing machine” – Not true, any more than the individual ghouls are ‘brainwashed’. They’re pawns, they had no individual control. Go back and play WC3 for instance, and look at how Sylvanas as a banshee hated what she was being forced to do. She wasn’t brainwashed, she was physically forced to perform actions she didn’t want to by the Lich King.
            3. “given new skin colour” – Yes, this happened.
            4. “shoved into fan-servicey outfit” – Not true. Her current outfit is the same as her pre-Scourge outfit, it’s simply a recolour. Prior to her current outfit she wore an even less revealing outfit, meaning this item was never true. For that matter, if you think a bare midriff on a character intended to be highly mobile and not engage in direct combat is ‘fan servicey’ then you might as well include Thrall’s open-chested robes from Mists of Pandaria, Garrosh’s bare upper half in Warlords, or while we’re at it, why not every fantasy barbarian character in existence. I’m sure you wouldn’t consider the D3 barbarian outfits to be ‘fan service’, though, in anything other than the most literal meaning (ie. something added to please the fans, which is the bulk majority of content in any video game).

            But hey, you got two out of four at least. Even though the two you got (captured by evil faction, given new skin colour) are incredibly common tropes across most all types of fiction. With those two you might as well be referring to Picard being captured by the Borg, it’s about as comparable.

          • Oh no, it didn’t all happen at once. The shame.

            Tell you what – if Blizzard release an expansion/DLC, and Widowmaker doesn’t overcome her mind-control (which Sylvanas was under, since she couldn’t attack Arthas until Illidan began attacking Ner’Zhul’s ice-tomb) and start a splinter faction of her own… I’ll owe you a fiver.

          • Your points 2 and 4 never happened at all, at once or otherwise. Your comparison was faulty, throwing sarcasm out every response doesn’t change that.

  • I dont see the problem just build a new robot body and grab the data off the cloud its no doubt saved to.

  • I’m going to butt out of this booty discussion by saying feature length plz.

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