WoW’s Goldshire Inn Looks Great In Unreal Engine 4, Despite The Murder

WoW’s Goldshire Inn Looks Great In Unreal Engine 4, Despite The Murder

Dayshot: Apparently, a card game session went wrong in the Lion’s Pride Inn’s basement and someone bled all over the place. Thankfully that doesn’t tarnish the beauty of this Unreal Engine 4-World of Warcraft map too much.

Made by Mikhail Petaykin, a 3D artist from Russia, the build, called “Dawn in the Lion’s Pride Inn,” is one part nostalgic WoW tribute and one part practice. By Petaykin’s own admission, it’s his first UE4 project, and it’s pretty awesome, considering that.

The flythrough vid below focuses on the murder bit. The screenshots, on the prettiness. Enjoy:

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  • i like how windows give no light, just dust light, and you cant actually see the blood untill it reflected in the last few sec, witch make it look like the green bottle from before.

  • I hate to be a downer here, but why does it seem like every recreation of something in UE4 gets a Kotaku post?
    Don’t get me wrong, Mikhail should be proud of his good work here, and it’s not his specific work that has made me comment this.
    It’s just a trend I’ve noticed and figured I’d say my bit and peace out.

      • Fair point, I might just be a bit more done with them as I browse the Polycount forums here and there and UE tends to attract newer artists as it is really easy to use for artists compared to other engines.
        Conclusion: I might be a bit cynical.

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