You Can Now Play Counter-Strike 1.6 On Android Phones

You Can Now Play Counter-Strike 1.6 On Android Phones

This is Counter-Strike 1.6 running just fine on a mobile telephone. Servers and everything.

Is it the ideal way to play the game? No. But it's a lot more practical than folks trying to get Doom running on calculators and ATMs.

The touch controls look like a pain, but this being Android, it's not going to be hard hooking proper peripherals up to your tablet/phone if you need more precision.

Note that this is actual CS 1.6. Not a recreation, not a stream, but the game itself running on the mobile OS.

If you want to try it out, you'll need 1.6 in your Steam account for some of the necessary files. For everything else (including instructions), head here.


    I was pretty curious how this was running on the android devices. Does this only work on x86 android devices? If not, are they using x86 emulation on ARM, [which would be horrendously slow]?

    For those curious, turns out they are using the Xash3D engine, which is an open source recreation of Valve's Gold Source engine which powered Half-Life 1 and of course CS1.6. They are using a version of the engine which has been compiled for ARM android devices.
    As with all open source engine projects, you need to have the original game files to make the assets available to the engine.

    So, yeah, it really is CS1.6 running natively on ARM android devices. Neat!

    can't wait to play CS with my fingers covering 90% of the screen! Exactly how I used to play it on pc years ago!

    novel yet stupid

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