You Will Not Be Better Than This Bloke At Guitar Hero

You Will Not Be Better Than This Bloke At Guitar Hero
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And if you try, you’ll probably contract RSI in the process.

UKOGmonkey has had a little goal for a while. That goal: to complete Dragonforce’s Through The Fire and Flames in Guitar Hero 3. 100%. Every note.

Now, you might say: well hang on, Guitar Hero 3 has been out for yonks. Almost a decade in fact: the game launched on just about every platform under the sun in October 2007.

But what most people haven’t done is nail every single note of Through The Fire and Flames while the game speed is set to 125%. And why would you? It’s wrist shattering enough as is.

Not for UKOGmonkey, though. Not him.

It’s an exceptional effort, certainly something I could never do. That level of dexterity is physically beyond me, and I’d wager beyond most gamers.

But you know what’s more incredible? The fact that he was nailing it perfectly last week — only to miss a note just before the end, prompting a pretty spectacular (but not controller-breaking) moment of rage.


  • How the fuck does he do it while talking too?

    I’d just like to be able to complete this song a second time. Doubt it’ll ever happen though.

    • He would have played it SO often that most of it would be on autopilot. He only really has to concentrate on problem bits. You can tell which bit he usually got stuck on (the bit after which he lets out a huge sigh) and then the comments go crazy telling him not to choke. Choking is a real problem for some people, because (a) the relief of getting through the hard bit, and (b) not having practised the end part as much due to rage quitting at the hard bit when they stuff up. Always good to finish a run even if you stuff up.

      • I’ve got songs I’ve been playing on piano for well over a decade, which I can play with my eyes closed or on complete autopilot while thinking about something else entirely. But I cannot even utter a response to a yes/no question while doing so 😛

        • Yeah I know. I’m kind of the same. It breaks my train of thought so I can usually only respond to yes/no questions.

  • Woah.

    I almost got RSI from using a keyboard to master TTFAF in Guitar Hero 3 at regular speed on the highest setting.

    Kudos to this guy!

  • I don’t wanna be that guy, but I’m gonna be that guy: He could have learnt to play that song on a real guitar in probably a quarter of the time.

    Still, kudos.

    • No, this is 125% speed. What this means is that instead of the song being 200 BPM, it is at 250 BPM, making the song faster. Notice how it’s over after 5 minutes instead of 7? lol

    • Aside from the fact that he’s literally having money thrown at him while playing the game, he could likely enter the numerous gaming tournaments that offer cash prizes.
      I’ve no idea who that guy is but he seems to be doing ok. ;P

      • His name is UKOGmonkey (George Boothby), he used to play guitar hero competitively and won a fair number of tournaments. In the past 2 weeks he’s managed to hit over 250 subscribers on Twitch and has had 2/3 days where he’s had about ₤500 donated to him. He’s a really nice and funny guy and has one if the nicest communities on twitch, so proud to be part of it. c:

  • The human brain is pretty remarkable thing. Especially when nature throws up a freak like this.

  • This makes me feel like Randy Marsh sitting in front of Guitar Hero, desperately trying to work out how it functions.

  • Just saying that although I have been watching UKOGMonkey since 2008 and he’s awesome….. he isn’t close to the skill levels of the players “DarklyGH” and “MegaPeng,” among quite a few other insanely good players. A shame that the two people I mentioned get much less attention.

    • The problem with those two is that they came after the big guitar hero phase. UKOG, GHP, JLC, Chris4Life, beberle etc where the big names when the game was really hyped up. GH is nowhere near that stage anymore. So UKOG already has a really big following coming from then, something peng and darkly don’t have, despite being insane at the games. Plus George is one hell of a character XD

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