The 2015 Release Of The Midwinter Remake Is A Tad On The Late Side

Two years ago, we learned that a remake of Mike Singleton and Dave Gautrey's Midwinter was on the cards, with a 2015 release date lined up. Well, the entirety of that year has passed... with no snow-soaked FPS strategy game in sight. Sadly, it looks like it could be a long time before we see anything of substance.

The last post on The Midwinter Report (what I guess you'd call the game's official news source), dated December 7, 2015, explains that progress on Midwinter hasn't gone terribly well:

Unfortunately development stumbled for a while and we have all been away from the project for some time, but we are now hoping to get it back on track. This was originally going to be a much bigger post, but ultimately it all comes down to... Game development isn't easy, especially for a small unpaid part time team that finds itself under-resourced and looking at a project with maybe a much bigger scope than originally anticipated.

It goes on to mention that the team is "working trough some opportunities to alleviate our current resources stalemate", though we're five months into 2016 with no further updates, which doesn't bode well. From what I can tell, the planned Kickstarter never eventuated.

Surprisingly, you can download a playable demo, though "playable" is a stretch. Here's a snap I took from the start:

I had a brief play, but eventually gave up after struggling to do anything but move around. I wish these guys all the best, but man, it's not the sort of stuff that inspires confidence.

Stark was a man obsessed [The Midwinter Report]


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