A Fascinating Look At The Issue Of Input Lag

When we complain about 'lag', particularly in Australia, we tend to complain about the issues we have playing online — but what about input lag?

Depending on where you sit, input lag is either a genuine issue or something anal wannabe pros worry about. But as someone who used to play a lot of Rock Band on a Plasma TV — input lag is real.

This video focuses on recent issues with Street Fighter V on console vs PC and the infamous '8 frames of input lag' issue raised by a pro player. It's incredibly definitive and looks at a number of different areas of lag and how it fits into the grander issues of lag we see from multiple devices including the monitors we use, our controllers and our reaction times.

Really fascinating stuff. Next time someone complains about lag don't be so quick to dismiss them!


    This is what I'm currently trying to work out for Virtual Console games on Wii/Wii U/3DS/etc.

    My muscle memory relies on the platformers/etc of old being controlled by the proper controllers. To this end, I have adapters and dongles upon adapters and dongles to ensure when I play a 2D or 3D Mario again I'm playing it exactly like I did back in the day. What games suffer from input lag the most in this instance?

    Back then, however, I was playing in sub-optimal ways at times. I'm not smart enough to know exactly which games/which TVs I owned were better or worse because of the PAL format.

    But sometimes, my lizard brain just knows something feels 'off' when I am playing an old game and things just aren't working as I know they should.

      Original console + CRT. It's the only way to be sure.

    It's a pretty good look at the issue, but weirdly ignores the PC version, even though SnakeEyez mentions it at the start of the video. It kinda throws a damper on the 'extra lag was deliberately introduced by the developer' theory.

    Heaps of info and comparisons of displays here if anyone's curious. http://www.displaylag.com/display-database/

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