A Pizza Box Made Out Of Pizza, For When You Want Pizza In Your Pizza

A Pizza Box Made Out Of Pizza, For When You Want Pizza In Your Pizza

Tired of watching customers waste cardboard and obviously bored out of his mind, Sean Berthiume of Vinnie’s Pizzeria in Brooklyn created a pizza container out of another pizza. Because pizza.

For just $US40 ($52) people in the New York City area tired of being surrounded by stacks and stacks of pizza boxes can instead surround themselves with a more rat and bug friendly alternative. It’s basically a big square pizza with a smaller round pizza inside of it, plus an attached top made out of crust. If you’re the type of pizza eater that does not like crust, then this idea is probably making you very sad.

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According to a video interview, Berthiume came up with the idea for the pizza box pizza after watching customers order a pizza, ask for a box, then sit down in his restaurant to eat the pizza, throwing away the box when they were done. He should stamp “inspired by arseholes” atop every one.

The folks at Vinnie’s Pizzeria are still working out the kinks of the creation, such as what to deliver it in. I mean, you can’t just strap bread to the back of a bicycle and ride about town. That’s just asking to get Hitchcocked.

Here at Snacktaku, we salute those who think outside the … whew, that was close. Sorry about that.


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