A Useless Quest From Fallout 4 Finally Pays Off In The New DLC

A Useless Quest From Fallout 4 Finally Pays Off In The New DLC

Wandering around Fallout 4’s version of South Boston, you may come across a prick called Parker Quinn. Quinn tries to sell you a “charge card”, a new currency that is supposed to replace caps. Sounds like a total scam, right? But, lets say you take the bait and buy the charge card. Surprise: the card is useless. Nobody in the Commonwealth will accept it. Hell, nobody really knows what it is. Buying into Quinn’s scheme makes you feel like a dunce, basically. What a waste of caps!

Here’s the original Parker Quinn encounter, in case you never saw it in vanilla Fallout 4:

Note the New England accent. It’s important.

Yesterday, Bethesda released the Far Harbor DLC for Fallout 4, and it’s basically Fallout: New England Edition. The entire thing takes place on an island full of grouchy, no-bullshit fishermen. They all have that classic New England accent. I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s even a new lobster enemy somewhere in Far Harbor too.

Well, funny thing about Far Harbor. Someone will actually take the charge card there, as you can see in the video below.

It’s a small Easter egg, but Bethesda blew my mind with it anyway. Does Quinn’s accent mean they were planning this joke all along? Oh my god, he was never a scammer in the first place, was he? But is he actually from Far Harbor, the land of New England accents? Amazing. Well played, Bethesda.

We’ll have more on Far Harbor in the following days.


    • Well he is a scammer as he lied about it being accepted everywhere, but its clearly just this one place that takes it. Something he should have mentioned.

    • I undressed him, moved his corpse around and placed it in suggestive positions with a few molerats and Nuka cola bottles…

      Although that’s what I do with most freshly ghosted dialogue npc

    • I knew It’d be a scam, but i did it anyway. Then i exploded him in the face. I also feel bad.

  • Cannot remember if I killed him and not sure if I should bother finding out, I do like little things like this in games, might be worth it

  • I didn’t kill him, just smashed him in the face with the butt of my shotgun when he called me a a-hole or sucker or whatever the insult was.

  • He’s the one who calls you a “retard” if you turn him down, right? I explained to him why he wasn’t going to get very far with that kind of ableism.

  • hardly call an encounter a quest, but i digress. i took the cash card, then he called me a name so i murdered the contents of his inventory off him, ill be stoked when i get my caps back again from this bloke.

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