All Of Dark Souls 3 In Four Glorious Minutes

All Of Dark Souls 3 In Four Glorious Minutes

Screw an easy mode. Feel like seeing everything Dark Souls 3 has to offer without the stress of actually playing it?

You’ve come to the right place!

Other people who have also come to the right place: people who have already finished the game and want to relive Lothric in all its glory.

Regardless of your thoughts of Dark Souls 3, there’s no denying its an incredible achievement in terms of its art and its world building. This makes me want to start the game all over again.


        • and swamps, castles, cathedrals, cities, catacombs, a settlement, mountains, a graveyard, a lake, a library, a jail and an underground capital and an inferno / underworld type place (just from memory).

          btw, buildings made from stone and wood aren’t ruins if people are living and using them.

  • Was going to start again tomorrow but as posted elsewhere….excited to blow some demons up in doom. Just give me some crunchy gore and I’ll be happy it’s been a while for a single player campaign for me.
    But dark souls 3 was absolutely amazing, soloed every boss this time and was very satisfying!

  • That death at Lothric Castle replicates my feelings. It seems as though the game is fairly easy until you beat the Dancer and then suddenly it spikes and your progression is halted.

  • Ooh we’re talking about Dark Souls 3 again? Best time of the day for me.

    What’s my favourite enemy you ask? Monstrosity of sin (also known as Hand ogre)
    They solidify that whole “Dark Souls is Legend of Zelda in hell” thing. I can’t stop thinking about how they’re exactly like the Wall Masters in LoZ.

    Favourite enemy, they do a jumping fist attack! Slightly cooler than when a mimic does a jumping ka-ra-te kick.

    Oh Dark Souls.

    How far am I on my Onebro/Wonderboy? I could answer that by saying: why is the Dancer so easy now?

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