An Australian VR Game About Hitting Zombies With A Tennis Racket

And if you're not a fan of tennis, why not try the frying pan? Or just shooting them the old fashioned way.

This is Zombie Riot. It looks pretty cool.

Zombie Riot is being made by PlaySide, the Melbourne-based studio who released Chase The Ark on mobile a few years back. Since then PlaySide has been dipping its toes in the lucrative world of licensed work-for-hire, but Zombie Riot is something of a passion project, particularly for studio founder Gerry Sakkas who started PlaySide after leaving Visceral Games' Australian studio.

Visceral Games were most famous for Dead Space, so you can see the link here: claustrophobia, gore, things trying to kill you.

Zombie Riot has been built from the ground up for virtual reality and uses the Oculus Rift touch controllers. I think the game itself, which seems a little like the Nazi Zombies mode seen in recent Call of Duty games, actually suits VR quite well.

Zombie Riot also features a Dead Rising style crafting system, meaning that you can invent your own weapons on the fly.

I'm a fan of the art style here, and the way the game seems to hang together. I think PlaySide might be on to something here.


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