An In-Depth Look At Dark Souls Level Design

If I had to name the one reason why the original Dark Souls is in my personal top 3 games of all time, I'd probably say the level design.

So this in-depth look at level design across all of the Dark Souls games?

It's great. It's an absolute must watch.

It just reinforces what makes these games so special. Love it.


    I was 100% expecting this video to be from vaatividya

    30 minutes? But I have to leave for work!
    Damn, why couldn't I have seen this half an hour ago...

    Haven't watched yet but the thumbnail looks like a SuperBunnyHop video - he is great!

    Quite a thorough and well thought out analysis =)

    He definitely hit the nail on the head to one of my greatest personal gripes with DS2, the level design! I only got lost briefly in DS1 and DS3 but it happened very often in DS2.

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