And The First Prices For NVIDIA’s GeForce GTX 1070 Appear

And The First Prices For NVIDIA’s GeForce GTX 1070 Appear

NVIDIA’s GeForce GTX 1080 is a top, top graphics card. Unfortunately, it’s also priced like one: $1179 was the cheapest available after the retail embargoes lifted, with $1199 to $1299 the more common price point. Ouch.

Fortunately, if these first prices are anything to go off, the GTX 1070 will be much more affordable.

The international launch for the GTX 1070 isn’t until June 10, so the prices that have appeared this morning may not be 100% locked in stone. They’re also from smaller retailers, although that’s to be expected: if anyone is going to jump the gun on embargoes for a GPU launch of this magnitude, it’ll be them.

StaticICE has cached results from two stores, one in NSW and another in Western Australia. One of the links is still live, while another has been saved by Google Cache.

And The First Prices For NVIDIA’s GeForce GTX 1070 Appear

Given that we’re at least a couple of weeks out from the Australian launch — going off the timings from the GTX 1080 launch in Australia — it’s interesting to see these figures priced so, well, competitively.

Australians have gotten used to a hefty Australia Tax, so to see initial prices for the GTX 1070 come in around a third less than its bigger Pascal brother is … pretty staggering. And if that’s what the majority of local retailers end up holding to — I’d expect at least some to sell cards around the $900 mark, particularly once overclocked third-party brands with custom coolers and designs get into the fray — then it could wear some of the shine off AMD’s Polaris launch.

We already knew the GPU game was going to be interesting in 2016. Finally, it’s starting to look affordable.

Update: I’ve been told that, provided the exchange rate holds firm, users can expect to pay around $799 for the GTX 1070 Founders Edition when it launches. Don’t know what the full range of boards will be like, but we’ll have more info on that when it’s available.


  • Two thirds of the price for three quarters of the performance. Looks like a pretty smart buy.

    • In that sense yes. But if 4 quarters of performance is only just enough then 3 quarters is useless. Will be a great card for 1080p gaming though! I’m gonna be trying to push 3440×1440 @ 100hz the 1080 is gonna have its work cut out for it that’s for sure

      • Saw a linustechtips initial testing review 1070 founders and they said is great for 1440p

        • 1440p is actually only 2560×1440. did it specify the horizontal dimensions? if not, assume it’s 2560.

          • essentially all p noted res = 16:9 ratio. Not aware of anyone having come up with other notations for wider res’ except for the monitor classifications like WUXGA etc (which btw, is 1920×1200 – 16:10) :0 Even they are confusing as…

          • p denotes progressive scanning, i denotes interlaced, nothing to do with aspect ratio.

          • I am aware of that, but it is widely accepted that the p denoted resolutions are 16:9

      • If you’re going to try and build the biggest and the best, then yes, you’re going to have to fork out all the money. If you’re like most people, and just looking for you next upgrade to take you on for the next few years, 3/4 performance for 2/3 the price is certainly a much more attractive option.

      • Precisely why I went GTX1080. It should be really solid 3440×1440 @60Hz, and should just about be able to do it at 100Hz.

        Now to go buy the monitor… when I’ve saved for it. 🙂

        • Setup my x34 last week it’s gorgeous!! Pick up my 1080 on Tuesday, cant wait! Although been testing it out on my brother 980 SLI rig and its a pretty solid 3440×1440 @ 60 performer but im finding that 100fps is a big ask.. also had trouble with a 5m display port cable going over 60hz.. ordered another one so hopefully it can handle it.. i read a few ppl have had same issue finding a good cable.

          • Nice! 🙂 I’ve got a few weeks before I can order new screen. If it’s doing 3440×1440 at a rock solid 60 with gsync and all the pretty turned on I’ll be very happy.

  • Ok, maybe feeling a little better about just going with a 970 and holding back til later 😛

      • My GeForce 2 is still in the cupboard. Sadly couldn’t run a 1680×1050 screen, let alone the Rift 😛

  • Traditionally 70series cards are approximately 2/3rds-ish the cost of the 80 card price. So this pricing really isnt surprising. But that said in comparison its still good value.

    • Its still sad to see that the price has gone UP for x70 cards.

      I got a 580 for about $500 cause I didnt want the higher end/more expensive model; brother got a 680 cause it was about the same price. When I wanted to upgrade to a 9×0 model, it turned out the 970 was the new 580, price wise at least.

      Now the new x70 is priced at the old x80 🙁 Makes me wonder if nvidias just rebadged what would have been a 1080 to 1070 (same deal with the actual 1080)…

      • It’s not that the price has gone up, it’s that the Australian Dollar has nosedived.

        • True, though the prices did go up a bit compared to the 9 series (50USD or so). Just a liiiiittle coincidental the prices here went up by a whole pricing tier

          • $349 USD was the release price for the 970, where the 1070 is $379, so the diff is actually only $30 comparing releases. They actually dropped down for the 970 though. The 770 and 870 were $399.

          • Was going off the release prices quoted in wikipedia:
            970: $329; 1070: $379
            980: $549; 1080: $599

          • Almost certain that 970 was $349, but got a price drop pretty soon after release. Either way, it was the 970 that was cheap, rather than the 1070 being expensive historically speaking.

  • Question is, do I upgrade my whole PC or just get a 1070 in about 6-8 months? Currently running…

    i72600k overclocked to 4.5GHz per core
    16GB DDR3 (can’t remember timings)
    eVGA GTX580 1.5GB
    120GB SSD

    All purchased in September 2011. So it’ll be 5 years old this year and it hasn’t skipped a beat…
    Well except that time the GPU was overheating thanks to crazy dust… I pulled it apart and fixed it though 😛

    • Just buy the 1070 (well after launch so the prices normalise) and if the performance you get isn’t what you expect, then maybe consider upgrading. But honestly everything else in that rig sounds more than capable of keeping a 1070 fed.

      • If anything with what I’ve read, supposedly the older generation’ of CPU’s (I think 2600’s are included in this) can be the potentially biggest bottleneck with performance.

        Other than that, completely agreed. Buying the 1070 will be a good stepping stone.

        • Yes that CPU would be the biggest source of a bottleneck, but with DX12 reducing CPU load and what not I think this guy would be fine to just get a 1070 and then reevaluate later on.

          • Awesome thanks guys. Will wait quite a while (seriously I’m not having issues :D) and pick up a 1070 ^_^

    • I’m still going with an I7 980X.

      If the rest is working, grab a 1070, put the 580 on PhysX duty, and away you go.

  • Still a huge mark up of around $200 after tax. Also this appears a little confusing. Mentions both OC and Founders in the title and description. I’d take this with a massive grain of salt.

    • Have a quick check of the update I just added in — $799 is the price point now.

      • Thanks!

        That does line up well for founders edition. Weird this first advertisement states it’s an OC version though. I know with the 1080 the custom versions are coming in cheaper than the founders. So hopefully there’s some nice cards at a lower price point.

        1070 looks like it might be the killer card this gen. (Power per $ wise)

  • Prices have been up for over a week on staticice.
    Not sure if its just the product info but the gigabyte one is being listed as 4GB for $799 and the asus one is advertised as 8GB for $780

    Im holding out for an after market Asus card with some factory overclock, seen too many thermal pains from the reference design.

  • Wonder if ASUS will release a Strix version of the 1070, the Strix 1080 interests me at this point, hope there is some news on Australian price and availability soon

  • when did the price jump from approx 450 for the 70 series to 800??? guess the answer is now

    no doubt it will sell like hotcakes anyway in this need and want generation.

    • It was never advertised to be 450 here… I take it you saw a US price and incorrectly just assumed it was AU.

      It was priced at just under $400 USD as it is. On current exchange rate alone that works out to about $550 AU, and that’s not including any other costs like shipping, etc.

      The price gouging here on the 1080 has been disgusting, but the 1070 by comparison is infinitely more palatable in that regard.

      • $450 …. 770 and 970,,,,,,,


        800 for a x70 …. the 1070

        that is a marketing ploy to get your money if I ever seen one

  • I wouldn’t say much more affordable… especially not in italics 😉

    In many cases, if someone can afford $800, they can probably afford just over $1000…

    I feel the 1070 should be $500, and the 1080 should be $800 (and the 1080 Ti level model at around $1100).

    So already their price-gouging to an extent that makes me much less likely to buy one of these cards…

    • Those are the prices you would expect if they were anywhere close to the exchange rate.

      I would expect this stuff to drop when AMD releases their new stuff and availability goes up.

      • Exchange rates, shipping, etc, all taken into account the price of the 1080 here is blatant price gouging.

  • $800 for a video card is “affordable”?

    Not sure I can swing that one past the wife…

  • So i see founder in the item description. could be why it’s more then we expected. maybe the “normal” edition will be cheaper.

  • Looks like I’ll be sitting on my GTX780 for another year until the prices come down. I remember it was AU$769 and I got it the day it launched. Problem is it’s just not cutting it at 2560×1600 and I want a new shiny. Nvidia are pricing themselves out of the market. $799 for an x70 card. Not for me thanks.

    • yer I agree

      $800 is quite alot for a normal australian

      edit: coz we are being taxed so much in other areas

      • There is someone in marketing at nvidia that is getting a nice xmas bonus for this whole Founders edition spin. Give reference cards a different name, charge US$70 more. I don’t like things that feel sleazy and nvidia are pushing all my warning buttons.

  • The price of oil might go up $1 dollar per barrel next week though, justifying another $100 markup.

  • How is it competitive?
    $450usd plus about $50 in tax is still under $700aud.
    Also what happened to the non founders edition? Those should be $600aud tops

    • Hang on $450 USD straight conversion to AUD nothing else is $622. But you expect them to be 600 tops here?

  • 1440i isn’t something that exists for computers ever. Computers never used interlaced output period. What’s more, the resolution is the same between 1440p and 1440i formats.

    However, neither are resolutions they are video modes, and you should never call a monitor “1080p” unless you want to sound like an idiot (“I have a 1440p monitor” is comedy gold once only, don’t say it ironically every time). Monitor resolutions are listed as WxH or by their standardised name eg WQHD (although it is prefered to say 2560×1440 because if you say “I have QXGA display” people will have little idea what you are talking about unless they either have memorized all resolution names or can successfully unpack “quad extended graphics array therefore the resolution is 4x XGA which itself is 1024×768 therefore QXGA is 2048×1536” which is unreasonable to expect people to know).

  • pc case gear is selling the msi gtx 1070 for $10 less than the founders edition. The recommended retail price for AIB partner cards put out by nvidia was a hoax. The founders edition price is the real price of these cards and its way too high IMO. And as for AU pricing, what a joke!

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