Another Australian Retailer Is Charging $1299 For NVIDIA's GTX 1080

Late last week one Australian retailer popped up charging an astounding $1299 for the first models of NVIDIA's GTX 1080. Today, there's another.

According to the information NVIDIA provided me last Friday, the embargo for retail sales on the Founders Edition of the GTX 1080 isn't supposed to lift until 11:00 PM AEDT this Friday. That didn't stop one Australian retailer from revealing their hand, and as of today a second smaller outlet has joined the fray.

The StaticICE price aggregator has picked up a cached price of $1299 for a Gigabyte GTX 1080 Windforce model from NetPlus, a retailer in Western Australia. The link on StaticICE is down, but the original listing was saved by Google:

The board isn't available on the website right now, but a sales representative at NetPlus confirmed to me over the phone that they will also be selling the Gigabyte GTX 1080 for $1299. They also offered to take a pre-order over the phone, which was interesting given that you couldn't do so via their website.

It's interesting given that NVIDIA has refused to confirm what the 1080's MSRP in Australia is, although it hasn't stopped vendors from talking amongst themselves. And it's also worth remembering that one retailer told me that they would be selling the first GTX 1080 models from $1199.

Still, it's an awful lot of money. Too much, even though the card is undisputably the most powerful on the market by some distance. The GTX 1070 and AMD's Polaris boards, on the other hand...


    think il stick with my 980 until an 1170 comes out, seems like a much more sensible thing to do

      I generally go in every second generation. One jump usually isn't enough to justify the price.

    About what I expected, so much for the RRP lol
    I reckon the GTX1070 will come in around $699 TBH which shouldnt be compared to the GTX970 launch price

    Anyone know the wholesale price?

      I think @camm said he knew what the Synnex wholesale price for AU was, he might be able to shed some light on this.

        I can't without breaking supplier agreements (I know that is a cop out, but its my livelihood). But with usual retail markups, the Mwave pricing will generally hold unless something changes with Synnex).

          Scorptech are listing an MSI board as sold out for $1179, which is a little more palatable.

            Yeah, that's what I was expecting and budgeted for.

          I can't without breaking supplier agreements

          Poppycock, pish posh, we do that all the time.

          "What's this?"

          "It's a confidentiality agreement, stating we won't reveal... Wait, what are you doing?"

          "Taking photos, uploading them to the internet"

    Better off importing it from the US

      Definitely looking that way, as long as currency conversion keeps the price under AU$1000. If so it ends up $200-300 cheaper even including shipping.

        Even if it goes over $1k and you gotta pay GST, still sounding like a better deal than buying locally.

      Buying from the US comes with its own risks too. Since it is over $1000 AUD it can be held in customs, and warranty will require it to be sent back to the USA. On an item that is brand new with no knowledge of the failure rate, it is a big gamble.

        Never had a graphics card die on me. Knock on wood

        Yes its a risk but its not really a 'big' risk. (this is why there is warranty)
        These products do go through a stringent QC checks and loads of testing done prior to ensure optimal performance in most consumer environments.
        nVidia has been doing this for a long time now, I have trust in the quality of their tech (but that doesnt mean perfect).
        Buying US shouldnt be an issue like Aus residents had issues buying the shield.

    That's ridiculous.... a $350++ Australia tax taking into account the AUD....

    netplus used to be a very good cheap store... only they are very pricey now

    Hmm... with the imminent launch of the 1080, might be able to pick up another 980 cheap.

    'Another Australian retailer encouraging us to buy from overseas'
    Fixed it.

    Agreed. Even if it works out just $5 cheaper I will be sending my money overseas just for the principal.

      Even for $5 you would on the principle. I'd love to hear that principle.

    So just to clarify... this is for the Founders edition or the Gigabyte standard edition.

      The Gigabyte Founders Edition. Which probably doesn't help a great deal!

        It does though, im not bothering with a founders edition and happy to wait for a slightly cheaper one. Thanks Alex!

        Last edited 26/05/16 8:28 am

    I'm hoping the 980Ti price will go down, looking on moving from my 6970

    Agh. Looks like I keep saving and wait for some competition. The card is nearly 4 years old but still capable of playing most new games.

    Is this really the card I need for VR? Or will the 1070 or 980 Ti suffice?

      My mate has a 980 and it runs everything flawlessly. In saying that, the games are mostly shitty demo's at this stage

    $1400.00 in New Zealand, while a straight conversion is $1035.00.

    Might be time to publish an article on comparing the cost to value of AMD's Polaris cards to the Pascall one's eh?

    The first stats have (reportedly) been leaked already.

    Do I remember high-end cards always being $1000+ at release or have I been imagining it. I'm going to assume that due to the tone of the article, my memories are incorrect.

    i kind of look at this like they've been asked a thousand times what the price is, and they cant say but its not more than 1300, you can buy one at that price but it'll be less when its released. people wont be fussed to pay the whole 1300, but you can argue the release price when the embargo lifts.

    its easier to over quote then drop the price, than under quote and suffer the loss.

    regardless, its pretty pointless to get upset about these prices until we have a confirmed price.

    If I were Nvidia marketing - these pricey leaks would have been orchestrated. then on launch day come up with a "Fastest Card in History SALE!!!" (or some other stupid name), dump the price to what it should be and watch everything sell out within a week.
    Then spend the next week swimming in my money vault like Scruge Mc Duck (but im going to be smart and use notes and not coins).

    Australian price gouging at it's finest. My 980 ti is crushing games at 1080p and am more than happy to wait till the 1080ti is released.

    This smells of distribution deliberately setting the prices high initially to sell out their existing stock of 900 series and make a tidy profit margin on the limited first round stock of the 1080. As 900 stock is gone the 1080/1070 prices will (very) slowly drop. Its a kick in the balls as I held off a 980TI purchase (to replace a 760 with a Vive sitting at home) as i was told there was going to be stock on the release date at a reasonable price. Seems as though some people have been pre-selling the 1080 against the embargo terms

    Honestly? no not really. Even if the P&H is around $100, which it won't (it'll be cheaper) that caps out the price converted from usd to aud at 1:0.73 $'s at $939 aud.

    It won't be over 1k, it'll be at least $200 to $300 cheaper than local retail and honestly? There are no such risks you talk of. The aussie retailers get their's shipped over the exact same way, in the exact same boxes.

    That's why even stuff you buy locally can break. It's no different. At all.

    So? Go buy it from america if international shipping is available. Will save you a ton of cash and time.

      Yes it can break. And you take it to where you got it from for a replacement. If they don't you contact fair trading. If your US one breaks you? Send it back and cross your fingers as they are under no obligation to fix or replace it really.

    Wtf is with this price? The standard edition is $US600
    US$600 with 0.71 currency conversion rate, 10% gst and $100 shipping = $1029.60...oh shit it really is expensive!

    The cheapest i saw was $1199, and it sold out in 6 minutes.

    Then again, everywhere has already sold out and they were only available since 9pm. I'm sure more will come up as other retailers start spooling up a little later than some but still, its going to be tough to get.

    I'll be upgrading from a 780, otherwise i'd wait for the 1070, but i don't really want to wait THAT long.

    Last edited 27/05/16 11:08 pm

      Cheapest I'm seeing around is a fraction less ($1179 or thereabouts) but $1199 is the target.

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