Aussie Band Writes Song About Hex From Good Game

When you're on TV weird things happen. People watch, they identify with you, they feel like they know you but they really don't.

Then every once in a while a goddamn band writes a song about you.

Well, that last part is a little stranger, but that's precisely what's happened to Hex who, along with Bajo, hosts ABC TV's Good Game. Australian band Schoolfight wrote a song about her. It's called "Girl From Good Game".

They're in love with her, apparently.

It's a little less creepy than it sounds. Schoolfight frontman Zac Eakin, aka 'Whitey' is a fan of the show. One time he found himself watching the show, he said, and a chorus popped into his head. He wrote it down frantically and then drifted off into what he describes as a cheese induced dream.

"I partly blame this for the dreams I had that evening," Zac told us. "Hex and I ran along the beach, collecting mushrooms on the shore line, occasionally cooling off in the tropical waters, riding giant dolphins perfectly in sync with the super Mario theme."

Zac and the band wrote the song, recorded a demo, and sent it straight to the Good Game office. They wanted the all clear for the song. The last thing Zac and the band wanted to do was weird anyone out. Hex and the team at Good Game gave the song the all clear and the band set about working on a video clip to go alongside it.

According to Hex, this sort of thing isn't exactly a regular occurrence.

"I've had few letters from prison," she told us. "Does that count?

"They were actually really sweet and respectful about it. They emailed the show and sent through a copy of the song to make sure I was okay with it. My favourite part is where they sing 'whatever whateverrrrr'. Like, there isn't a whole lot you can really say about me, you know? Whatever!"

We need a Kylie Minogue song about Bajo. This is the clear next step.


    Where's the song about Junglist?

      They started writing it but then they axed it 'cause it wasn't good enough.

      Oh for God sake ..... GET OVER IT. It's been 7 years!

      Last edited 27/05/16 1:48 pm

    I'm sure it's her new ringtone.


    We need a Kylie Minogue song about Bajo.

    *We need a William Shatner and David Hasselhoff love ballad about Bajo.


    Last edited 27/05/16 10:31 am

    It was a bit cringy and a bit try hard

      Not as good as the one you wrote and recorded?

        Argument is false, song brings the cringe factor.

        According to your argument noone can ever say anything is bad unless they've personally done something in that space thats 'better' than the accused.

        I hear what you're saying, it's slack to shit on someone elses work and "what have you dont that's better".... but cmon, this is objectively bad haha.

          You have no idea how annoyed I get when people criticise the Star Wars prequels without having directed multi million dollar films themselves.

        No, not really. Well, some of the earlier stuff I wrote was very cringy but I'm proud of everything I recorded after being signed. Thankfully no footage of my early musical days exists online because when I actually had a music career, the first half of it was before smart phones and YouTube.

          Are you in Eskimo Joe? Those bastards like to remove themselves from "Sweater".... I still think it's on of their best !

            Haha, no, we were never that big, we toured a lot, moved to America, toured loads over there, went through 2 record labels, charted in the oz rock top 100 songs most years we were touring, won a bunch of foreign artist awards in America, had our song in some boxing or UFC Xbox game (original Xbox), make no mistake, I'm a true once upon a time d-list celebrity lol. And I quite like Eskimo Joe's early stuff. I'm surprised try to disconnect themselves from their early days because it was good stuff, even though their later stuff is definitely next level.

            I left the industry in 2009 but I googled the last recording I did and someone has it on YouTube, enjoy:

    I would pay top dollar for a song from Kylie about Bajo. That would be fucking magical.

    Whatever, the Ranger Stacey song by The Stiffys is still the benchmark IMO. This one is pretty average.

    Inaccurate as 'narrative' isn't every second word.

      If it was a song about the Witcher then it'd be her ringtone by now.

    I think I like Datarock's song about Molly Ringwald better.

    Thats terrible. All i could hear was 'common people' with a few notes changed for the worse. If you're going to copy a melody, just do it right and do it note for note pls.

    Actually a cool catchy track... Props!

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