Because Why Not Run Windows 95 On Your Xbox One

Now this is the Xbox One bundle I've been waiting for.

When Microsoft announced earlier this year that they were finally enabling the options that would turn all Xbox One consoles into dev kits, developers rejoiced. Why wouldn't you? It was already available, but now it was a much simpler — and safer — process.

What Microsoft probably expect to eventuate were the ways in which people would use their Xbox One. Like turning their console into an overpriced DOSBox machine.

Which, with a bit of image mounting, can then run Windows 95.

Mind you, the emulation is pretty dire as it stands. "[It's] slow for now because it's only using the CPU interpreter," uploader vcfan says in the video description. "The dynarec still needs work as it produces crashes on 64bit, but it flies with it."

But the possibilities down the road are incredible. The Xbox One might not be able to play Uncharted 4. But you can't play SNES games on your PS4 either. And it's not the only emulator getting ported over to UWP — and the Xbox One — either. ScummVM was made available on the Microsoft Store in December, although support for Microsoft's console doesn't seem available yet.


    But you can’t play SNES games on your PS4 either

    Super Star Wars would like a word

    I would get it just so I could watch Win95 defrag. (I didn't read the article sorry, just the headline)

    Finally a smooth and stable OS on the Xbox One that is less terrible at wasting resources!

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