Becoming A Mimic In Dark Souls III Is A Good Way To Confuse Invaders

Becoming A Mimic In Dark Souls III Is A Good Way To Confuse Invaders

Mimics are just the worst in Dark Souls III. So, role-playing as one during invasions is a fantastic way to have some fun and troll invaders.

The rules are simple:

After dressing up as a Mimic (more or less), wait patiently guarding loot. If the invader approaches and takes the item or attacks, you have to attack as well and kill them. If the invader uses an Undead Hunter Charm, an item that puts Mimics to sleep, you have to lie down as well and the battle is avoided.

As JellyElite's clip shows, not many players had an Undead Hunter Charm, or were aware of its effects:


    Wait... how was he regaining health?

      For that much health regen I would imagine they are using a few items. Maybe a blessed enchanted main and off hand weapon plus the regen ring (name escapes me) might be some other items i dobt know about

        They're not wearing the HP regen ring (Sun Princess Ring). They have:
        Chloranthy Ring - Stamina regen.
        Ring of Favor - max HP, FP & Stamina increase.
        Prisoner's Chain - VGR, END & VIT increase at the cost of more damage taken.
        Deep Ring - more attunement slots.

        You are correct that enchanting their held items with Blessed Gems would regen some health, but each one only regens 3HP. The interval is based on upgrade level with 3HP/4s at level 0, up to 3HP/.25s at max.
        Now Symbol of Averice (the helm) drains 10HP/1s. In the video we see this get instantly replenished with no + or - to their total. I guess there could be an upgrade level between his 2 held items (his Ceastus & charm) that would yield 10HP/s, but there's one problem: Neither shows the Infused buff next to them.

        So again, I am left wondering if he's actually using something like Cheat Engine to negate the SoA debuff for the sake of making this video.

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