Bethesda And Id Might Be Hiring For A New Quake

Bethesda And Id Might Be Hiring For A New Quake

It’s always a good month for gaming when a classic franchise assumes the spotlight for the right reasons. DOOM’s campaign was an excellent return to form for the iconic shooter, something that put a smile on the nostalgic within me.

And as it turns out, it might not be the only iconic FPS to get modern touch.

A series of job postings on the Bethesda website have revealed that the publisher is looking for programmers to work on “legendary id game properties like DOOM and QUAKE”.

It doesn’t expressly say that the new employee will be working on a new Quake. But the description at the bottom of the posting points out that id’s also worked on Wolfenstein and RAGE, and the wording does say “to work as part of a development team … on legendary id game properties”.

Once you take RAGE, Wolfenstein and DOOM out of the equation, id doesn’t have a great deal left. Especially when Quake was directly mentioned. It’s also worth remembering that 2016 marks Quake’s 20th anniversary, and Bethesda is holding a string of classic tournaments at Quakecon in August this year.

The senior roles are based at id’s offices in Frankfurt, Germany. There’s not much more to say about the posting themselves other than the fact that they look like the typical roles and responsibilities you’d expect a senior tools or physics programmers to have, and the same applies for the open engine and audio programmer roles.

The thought of a rebooted Quake is supremely tempting, and the timing seems incredibly good. Quake 1 and 2 are still barrels of fun to play today. And the prospect of a modern, lightning quick Quake remake for 2017 or 2018? Yes please.


    • I’ve enjoyed reading reviews of the single player campaign… Nearly every critic says something like ‘I didn’t expect to love this so much’.

      I must admit, I was pessimistic after the mp beta.

      • Indeed. Im treating it the same way I treat Wolfenstein: It’s a single player only experience and I return to it now and then to see how fast I can speedrun that bastard lol

  • Please go the medieval industrial gore route again and not the military angle… enough with the Strogg!

    • Yes, can’t agree more, I watched ahoys quake doco last week and it was fantastic. I’d forgotten how cool and foreboding that world was. And as a teen the lovecraftian influences flew right past me I’m ashamed to admit.
      I also didn’t realize they’d planned on making it a sort of rpg with swords and other elements but the development was troubled and they ran out of time.

      • Indeed, I’m in the same boat. Though I do love Quake 2 (and was ok with 4, but didn’t love it as per se), I must admit, Quake 1 will always be the definitive Quake to me. The level design was transcendent to me. Watching videos this last week, seeing speed runs, we don’t see games like this honestly made any more *at all*. This is why the new DOOM feels so goddamn fresh. This is why Wolfenstein felt so fresh. Because it’s not fresh, it’s just been missing for so long. We’ve been spoilt with mediocrity and now great level design has a chance to come back again…

  • The senior roles are based at id’s offices in Frankfurt, Germany.

    wait wot. When did this happen. I thought they were always based out of texas in the US. Did bethesda brand some development houses or something?

  • You know, after playing the new dooms’ multiplayer, i whole-heartedly believe if they made a new quake, it would fucking ROCK

  • My money’s on a new Quake Arena. Quake and Quake 2 are solid games, but they’re not iconic in the way that Doom is. It’d be tougher to get either of them the same kind of overhaul and have it be nearly as effective.

  • I’d be very excited for a new Quake; I still receive email at my slipgate.explorer gmail account!

  • If they put loadouts, perks, upgrades or remove advanced movement like strafe jumping from a new Quake 5 Arena game it would be such a horrific thing to do to all the dedicated quake players that have supported the games for the last 20 years. The community is why the quake series are still the greatest pure arena fps today without any dumbing down of the gameplay, just pure skill with a nearly limitless skill ceiling that allows true champions to reign. None of this skill compressed, slow movement, auto-aim dumbed down console inspired BS like doom4 MP please idsoftware.

    Also, they need to fire whoever thought it was a good idea to put loadouts and universal ammo pickups in Quakelive. Thankfully they released their ‘apology’ update and got rid of it and came to their senses.

  • Lets pray to god it has the multiplayer strength of Q3: Arena
    i’ve not played a game since that had multiplayer as finely tuned from a mechanical point of view.

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