Brilliant Destiny Player Solos Oryx On Hard Mode

Brilliant Destiny Player Solos Oryx On Hard Mode

For a while, it was impossible to solo the Hard Mode version of Oryx in Destiny, a video game about quietly pondering the meaning of life. After the April update, however, that's changed.

In a video that I somehow missed last Friday when it was first posted, Destiny player Esoterickk1 shows us how it's done. Like on Normal Mode, you have to be a Sunsinger Warlock to solo Oryx on Hard — that way, you can skip the platform-jumping entirely and just resurrect yourself every time you detonate the bombs.

This wasn't doable before because people just couldn't do enough damage to stagger Oryx by themselves. Now, with the light cap raised to 335, a maxed-out Sleeper Simulant does the job. Impressive work, Esoterickk1.


    lol, didnt know people still played this TBH, i thought it went all titan fall and died

      Still going strong. Destiny still has a hook in a lot of players

      Last edited 14/05/16 12:43 pm

      I can't believe people still can't believe people play this

      *eye roll*

        And I cant believe its not butter but then our eyes get opened and we know better

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