Charlotte Is Trying To Become The Next Big Capital Of Esports

When you think of iconic locations for esports, Seoul and South Korea often come to mind. For Europe, Cologne has long been used as a hub for tournaments and broadcasts. And Valve's insistence on packing out Seattle for The International each year has left its mark on the city.

But the next major hub for esports is set to be Charlotte.

Photo: Team EnVyUs

The move comes courtesy of SierraMaya360, a venture capitalist firm that according to the Charlotte Agenda is in the process of investing in Team EnVyUs.

The organisation was founded in America, but their Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team is French. As part of the deal, the whole team would be moved to Charlotte. A public entertainment arena and training venue would also be built for the players and spectators to enjoy.

EnVyUs owner Mike Rufail said the idea was "to create a venue where people can enjoy the sport". He added that the team already has more than US$1 million in revenue through various streams (presumably sponsorships, streaming, merchandise and tournament earnings).

Rufail also toured the city's sports facilities, and told Yahoo Esports that the city was the second fastest growing in America. "he city has been more than welcoming to us and the idea of having us as an unofficial sports team…they certainly support the idea of bringing esports to Charlotte," Rufail was quoted as saying.

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