Civilization VI Coming Later This Year

Civilization VI Coming Later This Year

It’s been nearly six years since there was a new, proper Civilization game. That’s changing later this year, with the newly announced Civilization VI. Here’s the official trailer for the game, due to arrive on October 21 on PC:

In the new game, cities now physically expand on the map, units can be combined into a single tile, and there are new multiplayer modes designed for players to finish a game in a single session. (That last one is smart!)

Civilization VI Coming Later This YearThe new art direction seems like a combination of the mobile games and the PC releases.

The new art direction seems like a combination of the mobile games and the PC releases.

It seems like Civilization VI will make a big emphasis on expanding diplomacy, with the developers promising changes that play out over the course of the game, “from primitive first interactions where conflict is a fact of life, to late game alliances and negotiations”.

If you’ve never played a Civilization game before — like, say, me — you might be daunted by the series, but Firaxis Games is promising Civilization VI will include a new slate of tutorials designed to ramp in new players. That said, they also made a point that veterans will have ample opportunity to tweak the game to their liking, hopefully removing any worries it’s being nerfed.

There’s also a “digital deluxe” edition that offers a discount on “four DLC packs” that will “add new maps, scenarios, civilizations and leaders”.


  • This looks more like a mobile game, not a pc game :-\
    I hope it’s a lot better then it looks otherwise you’d be better off just playing Civ V.

    • Not from all of the other changes that they’re making to gameplay. A lot of it looks great.

  • I wonder if they’ve fixed naval ai yet seeing as the ai never invaded you by sea in Civ V

  • Best to wait till the two expansions that bring it on par with previous installments are released. Then get the complete edition on sale so you have access to all the civs.

  • Woop. Looking forward to this! Hard to think that Civ V came out 6 years ago though. It’s holding up well thanks to BnW.

    Hopefully 6 doesn’t need an expac to make it a solid installment.

  • Nobody will ever beat Leonard Nimoy voicing Civ IV, but was that Malcolm McDowell doing the trailer?

  • Not a huge fan of the art direction – Makes it look closer to a mobile game and kinda cheap compared to V – but honestly the most important thing will be three things:
    1. Improved stability – maybe a dumbed down graphics engine will help with this but honestly so much time has passed since Civ V that that shouldn’t be a measure they’d have to take.
    2. Improved AI – It’s always annoyed me in Civ that in higher difficulties, the AIs dont actually get smarter, they just get bonuses given to them from nowhere.
    3. Multiplayer Mod Support – there are SO many mods for civ V and the fact I can’t play a modded game with my friends is just the worst.

  • I saw the pic of Ghandi and instantly thought ‘Nukes, Nukes everywhere’

  • hmmm exciting annoucement, civ rocks, however “units can be combined into a single tile” makes me think they are returning to ‘doom stacks’?
    I thought that was one of the really good changes for Civ 5 was the one unit per tile thing, meant you could actually make something resembling an army, with melee front and ranged behind, instead of just ‘cram heaps of units into stack and roll on’
    anyway will keep an eye on

    edit; not sure about the whole ‘cities will expand’ thing too. they tried that in rome 2 and it was balls. just looked dumb on the world map to have two bit cities, literally ‘hundreds of miles apart’ that are almost touching.

    • Kotaku hasn’t really expanded on the details that Firaxis has given compared to other sites.

      The unit stacking seems rather straight forward – from what I’ve read, Siege Weapons and Anti Air/Vehicle weaponry are now going to be categorized as ‘Support Units’ and they will be able to stack with another Infantry unit. I ‘think’ only a certain amount of Infantry and stack with each other and they have to be of the same type, IE: 2x Archers can stack to form a Corps, can’t stack 1 Archer and 1 Warrior, etc etc.

      The City expansion – from what I’ve read – just enables you to be able to place which Building you want in a hex outside of your city. Observatories for instance require you to place them in a mountain. Universities near/on jungle hexes. In association to that, Wonders now have terrain requirements when you build. IE: Pyramids require desert.

      I think I’ve summed that up. The AI is getting a bit of a boost as well.

      • thanks for the clarification roguexa 🙂

        Your descriptions have eased my mind somewhat.

        That sounds better than what I had deduced from the article, ie being able to create specific stacks with certain unit combinations, not just jam all your units into one square.

  • What was the realese schedule of DLC of civ 5 compared to beyond earth?
    My time frames are all thrown out, Has beyond earth been pushed under a bus compared to civ 5 or has it had a similar DLC rollout

    • I think it’s been pushed under. The one expac that has released for BE wasn’t that fantastic.

  • I’m saddened (yet again) by the fact that Steam lists the game for US$69.95 while US based review sites have listed an RRP of US$59.99

    Looks like I’ll be purchasing it elsewhere and then activating it on Steam.

    • Currently listed at around AU$89 at JB Hifi and EB Games vs Steam price AU$95 so even in-store is better value.

  • That was actually a completely stupid, boring and cliche ad! What a disappointment

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